Manual 365/333 Just Passed The Tonsils!

dsc_2900-2Interesting effects on Ursa Minor when the winds blowing and it’s that brass monkey (Cold) my hands are shaking the tripod rather than holding it still!

A glorious, if bitterly cold, early evening on the White Horse in Westbury, unfortunately I hadn’t wrapped up right and was uncomfortably cold within minutes.

DSC_2901.JPGBut I got the Major and the Minor too!

As for the title,

Sperm 1: How far to the egg?

Sperm 2: I don’t know but I think we’ve still got away to go, we’ve only just passed the tonsils…

Boom Boom Peeps! x

Manual 365/330 Please leave a message after the beep…

I am currently away from my blog but on my return, I will respond by posting pics from the next (last) couple of days rather than just trawling through my rather extensive catalogue of previous shots for example,  here’s some light pollution from the summer!dsc_8485-edit

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/329 The Flying Ninja Beenie Wearing Angry Frog!

Ok, I’ve got Man Flu and could well be hallucinating, you know. near death experiences can do that to you and it might be a bit a pareidolia stretch but look closely, you’ll see it eventually..dsc_2449.

That said, respect to the guys that throw this brick through the sky and even more respect to the guys and girls who clamber into the back of it on manoeuvres across Salisbury Plain.dsc_2443And the Load Master, giving me the thumbs up… or the Bird from the side door (My shutter speed was a tad slow so the photo’s not as clear as I’d like) …. I do hope it’s the latter, A Bird From The Brick! Perfect!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/327 Asshats and Cockwombles!

There is no excuse, fly tipping is wrong and anyone caught doing it should be prosecuted, fined and in my opinion, chaffed to an inch of their life, or at least until it’s very sore! It’s lazy, dangerous and the time it takes for a uPVC window frame to evaporate is measured in millennia, not weeks!


On another note, I’m 327 days into this behemoth of a personal challenge and the discarded window frames provided me with a little (much needed) inspiration, a twist on the usual landscape shots. Downside? Now I’ve got 6 discarded window frames in the back of the van that I need to take to the tip! (Or spend the next 12,000 miles being used as props, I haven’t decided yet…)

Peace Peeps! xxx