That’s Life…

Wow, what a rush! I’ve just completed my first day exhibiting at the Beaumont Gallery in Mere, Wiltshire featuring yours truly… (Who had his first life modelling session yesterday and loved it!)DSC_1000.jpg

Rodney Waymen who’s twists and observations on local scenes is something to be seen and some absolutely stunning sculptures by Sarah Coward 


Even though the weather was horrible we had a fair number of people through the door and I’ve also sold 2 images. It’s so great, as always, to get real, natural engagement to my work.



The Fundamentals… Aka Superstructure!


There is strength in angles,

Long exposures during the day are special

and even when it’s raining there’s always something…

A moment stolen beneath Sandown Pier this afternoon. The weather was that bad my poor D3300 got soaked and I’ve just dropped the value of the lens by 10 fold unless I can persuade the future buyer that mold and salt add to the bokeh!


It was quite special under there though, in this shot I actually set the 10 sec delay and abandoned the camera and tripod to get the detail all the way through the frame and retain dry feet…


And, in other news, my exhibition goes live Friday night! DSC_0710-Pano Three weeks, an art gallery and my images…. I’m still pinching myself!


Well I never….

So, this is getting real. It’s less than a week until my next photography exhibition. The prints are done and ready and there’s no going back… I can’t wait (Ok, ok, I know, it’s just me showing off but hey, photography still rocks!)


And here’s a thought I’m going to leave you with, the small cluster of stars in the top of this image are The Seven Sisters, Pleiades (and not Ursa Minor as I’ve thought over the last 45 years… That’s embarrassing) and they’re 444.2 light years away which means that the photons I’ve captured in this image left the source 120 years before Stourhead was even imagined… that’s mindblowing!

The print should be in situ within the next few days and I’ll post here and on my Instagram account to keep you up to date @focalthingy if you’re not already there.


52 Faces… Kickin’ up sand Bro!

DSC_8594.jpgHe says as he slinks away into week two of this year… I could make excuses like I’m in holiday mode or I’ve been learning dodge and burn or is that burn and dodge (photoshop Nerds’ll know and I really have!) but the honest answer is…

I’m scared… Portraiture is such a huge step, don’t get me wrong. I think, with lots of effort (that’s the hard bit) and lots of mistakes I can make it work but I don’t just want to take snapshots, I want to… I have no idea… But I do, I want to feel as natural taking a portrait as I do taking a landscape. So many people have helped me in my journey so far (thank you Tanya, Jess, Nigel, Kiran, Sandie, Kayleigh and Reece)

People are amazing, people are weird, people are people and I want to capture that…

Right, gloves off and it should’t hurt… Too much.

Strela Delivery: Salrei, Twas the week before Christmas… #beer


More Beer!




Here’s a thought… The wreckage of the Cabo Santa Maria, shipwrecked just off Praia De Atalanta, Boa Vista in 1968 with a total tonnage of 4972 tonnes is expected be gone within 10 years. In the meantime, that little plastic oil container in the bottom left of the photo is going to be about for the next 500 years minimum…