DSC_4181-Pano-Edit-Edit.jpgAs you can see I’m really working on my soon to be (really) here exhibition…

This was the view from my office this lunchtime while I was doing my real job, pesky real job, putting me in all these wonderful locations around Wiltshire and distracting me so much that I need to get a 4 photo panorama of Roundway Down near Calne. A neolithic hill fort with commanding views across Devizes and a large swathe of the Wiltshire countryside. The light was hard, hence the B&W edit but I like! ;o)


Days like today make me glad that I’ve learnt what I’ve learnt over the last 18 months.DSC_3489DSC_3413-Pano-Edit-EditDSC_3495-Pano-EditAnd I didn’t get wet once… ;o)


DSC_1604-Pano-EditHere’s an interesting thing to do if you’re bored in the countryside. Find a field and lay down. If there are any cows in that field in a very short time you’ll find out how to get all the cows in a field into one place…

Focal thingy excepts no responsibility for any licking, sniffing, slobbering, snotting, trampling or pooing upon that may happen if you’re silly enough to lay down in a field of cows…

Oh and check the grass too, I’m not paying any laundry bills!



I’m 45 years old…. How the funking funk did that happen?

DSC_8817-Pano.jpgOne could have a bit of a mid (that makes my final age 90 and that ain’t gona happen) life crisis… Or one could take pictures like this and remember the glare of the sun, the bite of the cold Wiltshire morning and bugger the lens flare!

To grab an old cliche by the scruff of the neck, tomorrow’s the first day of the rest of my life and if I have a few more like this then I am indeed a lucky Fella!

Mahoosive love to my wonderful family, Sandie, Reece and Kayleigh I love you soooo much!

And to the rest of you…

Peace Peeps! XXX

From Fairytale to Horror Story

dsc_8443-pano-editI’m getting lazy!

Problem is, when you’ve got so many wonderful locations just a couple of minutes away, lazy is tooo easy!

dsc_8431-editWell, I’m going to snap out of it! There’s a new month approaching fast and another birthday just over the horizon which will involve a nifty 50 (the lens, not my age, though I’m getting closer!!!) and me trying to develop my photography further. I love landscapes but, and I’ll whisper this, Landscapes are easy! Shhh!

I want to start telling stories and the best way to do that is to become involved and there’s no easier way to become involved than fitting a prime lens and zooming with your feet.

Fun times ahead! ;o)

Manual 365/345 Some Days Nothing Works…

dsc_6408-panoSo it’s a good job I’ve got quite an extensive back catalogue.

Today’s tip, go panorama, my favourite method is handheld, choose the far left of the scene you want to capture and relax, take note of the details in on the far right of the frame and click. use the markers in the viewfinder to keep the camera level and slowly turn to the right until the details you had on the right-hand side are now on the left and repeat as before. Most cameras have a panorama setting which is handy but I think most of them revert to Jpeg when taking shots using this method. Personally, I prefer the versatility of shooting RAW (details coming up soon) and editing in Lightroom, there’s a merge option but if you get above 3 images it’s better to use Photoshop.

I will elaborate further in a future post.

In the meantime, today’s shot is from Chesil Beach earlier this year.

Peace Peeps! x