Manual 365/48 Start, Middle and Now The End

Tonight is the last night of my holiday, back to the world of the working tomorrow and what joy that brings me… (I’m joking)

I’ve revisited some of the pictures taken over then last few weeks and I’m going to use them tonight.









Oh, how far away does that all seem now, but, chin up! Let’s see what tomorrow brings! ;o)

See you all tomorrow.

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/45 Surfs Up! Piper On Dude!!!


Our last full day in Albufeira and still the moments pile in! There aren’t many occasions  you can say you’re watching surfers on a busy sea while listening to The Flower Of Scotland played (Very well I might add) on the bag pipes by a Canadian in Portugal…

Surreal to the very end!


Thanks to;

Dave, The Piper and his partner who I didn’t realise were together so they both got a card! (I’d love to see your work)

Surfers, just because!

Albufeira, for having such wonderful people, places, animals and attitude and I know the weather’s been shite but hey, rough with the smooth!  We will be back!

And last but not least, Sandie, Sue and Robbie! Thanks Guys! XXX


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Peace Peeps!




Manual 365/43 Four Billion Years Of Evolution Results In Cats Liking Warm!

DSC_6010.jpgHappy Darwin Day ya bunch of Apes! It took the sacrifice and toil of millions upon millions of organisms to get you to where you are today so embrace it and take that step forward, your DNA is relying on you!


And just think one day, sedimentary  mud and seismic inactivity permitting, you could be a fossil! (Best get buried at the bottom of a river too)

And talking of great days and fossils; Happy 4000,000,0058th Birthday Rob!


A wonderful wander down Albufeira beach and across the cliffs (highly recommended) The weather wasn’t great but that didn’t matter. Over 500 shots and most were usable. Followed by a brief siesta and then back into town for one of the best meals I’ve eaten in a long time. Oh, and for the record, the bag the cat’s sat on is mine, I don’t own the cat, I don’t even know the cat but once I put my bag on the floor he decided it was his. The Cat Sanctuary is another great place to visit in Albufeira… If you like cats, great views… And cats.

Finally, because it’s late


Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/42 Super Heroines, Boobs And Bellies…

All model releases and relevant forms were signed to allow me to post todays blog and may I offer my thanks to my models, Sandie (The Wife) and Suzie (The Mother In Law)

The Indoor swimming pool in the complex insist that you wear a swimming cap so the first thing that was said upon purchasing said caps was… “What else can we use them for?” and voila, Super Heroines; Introducing Spider Pants and Deadpuddle!!!



Once they stopped prancing about like Mexican Wrestlers they actually managed to get into the pool I got some shots off which showed them in a much better light…


Like I said they’ve given me full permission to use the shots I have and I promise to destroy the ones they didn’t so, Thanks you again loads!

On a technical note, editing shots with reflections and other things involved with swimming pools (I expect lakes etc.. to be different again) was a little challenging hence the lack of pool shots but, once I get me head around it I will revisit these pictures so you haven’t heard the last from Spider Pants and Deadpuddle! *Cue the music*

Peace Peeps!


Manual 365/41 Who Would Love A Wonky Faced Dog?

A guy with the most amazing beard that’s who. He did look a little perplexed when I gave him a few Euros but his face lit up when I asked if I could take his picture. (I think he was taking a rest.)


It rained today so not many shots were taken but I did get Lobsters…


And they didn’t give a shit about the weather!

I have decided to only do my links occasionally but always sign out with…

Peace Peeps!