dsc_9571-editTwo Brownies for a quid… Don’t you just love car boot sales! Not sure where I’m going to get the film from but in the mean time I’m going to have a bit of fun using my new fangled gadget to get some photos of the old fellas! And they smell amazing, like old pubs from my childhood… Long story!

Nudging the comfort level…

dsc_9297-2I don’t know if this works but I kind of like it, it’s been the warmest day of the year so far but the pine trees had insulated the ground and the temperature noticeably dropped as you walked into the darkness.

On a technical note, I’m pushing the D3300. I’ve shot handheld and because of the dark areas, I’m at ISO800, f/4.0 and 1/40th sec.  I think maybe a tripod, ISO 100 @ f/8 and 1/4 sec would work better.