Manual 365/152 Ooo! Ooo! Ooo!… Not Logged In… Bugger!

I haven’t done it for ages and am first to admit I’m a Prime Amazon floozy! It’s the next day delivery, zero postage cost and simplicity hooked me from the very beginning. every time I picked up my Kindle and my finger hovered over the Amazon store icon the under used Ebay button just next to it seemed to shrink that little bit more. I’ve been expecting a little red “Missing you!” icon to appear next to it. Today though Amazon let me down, well when I say Amazon I mean one of their trusted sellers, trying to bill me 10.95 for next day delivery *tuts* not this Fella, I’m Prime Motherhubbards! And next day on the 31st is not the 2nd…

But I really need to replace my lens and I’ve got the go ahead from the Boss(es) (Cheers Dear and Guys) to get my Fathers Day prezzie early and with the readys (cash) burning a hole in my pocket I click on the sad little icon.

Actually, to be honest, I didn’t because I was sat at the PC, the new PC that I’ve never logged into Ebay with but in my sweet shop excitement I didn’t realise that tiny little detail and after I’d searched Nikon Lens and a 18-105mm flashed up, the lens that was about 80 quid more expensive new than the lens I was after and there was 6 minutes to go. Plenty of time to do the research, Seller Feedback 100%? VR? yes, it’s Nikon so it’ll fit. Reviews? “Good”, “good”, “better than what you were after.” and “good”

Right, I remember this, wait until 5 seconds from the end and then bid your max you either win or you don’t. two minutes to go and sitting at £87… Ok, the time refreshes automatically but does the bid? *clicks the refresh button* page crashes…Fuck! *Back Button* Back Button* page reloads. 56 seconds left, I fill the bid section with what I’m prepared to pay and glance to the top of the page where it normally says “Your Ebay” it took a couple of seconds for it to register (about 8… 48 seconds left) but eventually it did “Log In” screamed at me. “Password?” I screamed at the wife. “I don’t know!” she screamed back at me. We are now down to less than 20 seconds, I scooped up my Kindle, hit the Ebay icon (I’m sure I heard “Yay!” as it loaded) search “Nikon 18-105mm” click on the top auction and the bid now button, bid something and see the words “Auction ended” as I hit the confirm bid button but the following screen declares “CONGRATULATIONS,YOU’VE WON THE ITEM! Pay now Sucker!” and my Adrenalin peaks as I collapse into a nervous heap on the floor. I am positive, and I might just check with the seller, that my bid went in in the last second of the auction!

My love for Ebay has been rekindled but I need to offer thanks to Amazon, one, because if it wasn’t for your Trusted Sellers I would have never had bought a better lens than I was expecting for less than I was willing to pay and two, the Kindle saved the day!

DSC_0772.jpgVery text heavy tonight guys, hope you’ve enjoyed. Today’s shot is from yesterday, I spent most of the day gardening and there are sweet peas in our front flower bed, normally they get ignored and mowed but this year I’ve decided to give them a bit of a chance and strung up a “lattice” for them to become established. Within an hour they had grasped on and today they’re storming but it’s been grey and damp and I like the fact it’s the first grasping leaders and they’ve forgiven me for years of mowing!

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/150 Why Do You Build Me Up…

DSC_0736.jpgRecommendations for a lazy, sunny bank holiday Sunday afternoon anyone?

May I suggest a walk with family, let the kids have a go with the camera,


large lunch at a good pub with a couple of cloudy ciders and black current and then find a meadow to lie down in… Job done!

DSC_0562DSC_0723Oh, and a duckling!

It Doesn’t Matter How Small You Are You Can Still Make Waves!DSC_0601DSC_0614Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/149 Bugger!

The light during today has been harsh and because of the high cloud the sky featureless so a 7 and a half mile walk this evening across to Stourton to make the most of the soft light and maybe some long exposures in the Grotto was in order. All went well unti I was 20 metres from home (honestly) and I slipped on my arse and buggered my 18-55mm lens. I know it’s a stock lens but it’s been the main stay in my photography and I’m really going to feel it now, shooting from 55-300mm is going to offer me some challenges but I’m sure I’ll get over it.

But now I’m rushing to get todays blog out… And he does it with a minute to spare… Right, time to get back and add today’s shot (all hail the edit)


In all honesty, I’m nearly as tired as she is and a tiny bit pissed off about my lens so I’m going to call it a day!


Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/148 Chickens Don’t Have Nipples!

There I was, sat at the PC desperately trying to think of something to write about Malmesbury and Rhododendrons when my son pips up and starts on about Moobs and why do men have breasts? I informed him that he’s lucky enough to have pecs, his father on the other hand, after copious amounts of the wrong food and too much beer, has some rather impressive Moobs.

I then pointed out that a characteristic of mammals are mammary glands both in the Female and Male. I was just about to change the subject when he interjected; “What about chickens? They have breasts and they’re birds not mammals!”  And as I pointed out the difference tonight’s blog title was born….

And now I need to say something about Malmesbury…

It’s just about in Wiltshire and on a hill… Don’t trust the Commoners though, they’re probably descended from textile men… And don’t mention Tetbury…DSC_0318-Edit-Edit.jpg

And a little further south there’s quiet lane (it actually says that each end) just to the west of Oare complete with a botanic garden full of Rhododendrons and exotic trees. It was glorious!

The Pink Pearl!DSC_0327.jpgIt’s not advertised, it’s not signposted. It’s just there, complete with name plates for plants and well looked after.

I love this county and I love this time of year!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/147 The Curse Of The Thinking Class…

I can’t really knock what I do, it feeds my children and puts a roof over their head. It allows me to indulge in my obsessions and occasionally it offers up some great shots.

This is Great Chalfield Manor, near Holt in Wiltshire. I nearly used it in a previous post but the sky was grey and featureless and it costs 9 quid to get into the place (I really am thinking about National Trust Membership, just for the access.) But today, with a conveniently timed  5 minute break and a better sky, it definitely made for a better shot.DSC_0296

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/146 A Hares Breath

There were a number of subjects I hoped to capture during this thing that is my blog and a Hare was pretty close to the top of that list. Today I managed to tick that box but first, I need to give a bit of a back story…

At this time of year my job kind of pulls back out of town slightly and because of that, sometimes, the call of nature becomes more than some attractive conker trees and requires a visit behind a large (I’m dressed in bright orange so it need to be a large one…) hedge. I should really take more attention into who’s watching…

DSC_0280Now, I will admit that I didn’t actually have my camera with me at first but within 3 shakes of a… Puppy dogs tail (Pulp Fiction reference) and a bit of creeping out the field and lens swapping and running back and some more creeping I found him where I’d left him.


Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/144 Got That?… Nope!

-1 x -1= 1 but the square root of one is one the square root of minus one is 1i and that that mucks with my mind and apparently it’s an Imaginary Number… I can grasp that in certain conditions x hitting y at really ridiculously high energy results in x+y-z and that we have no idea where z’s gone but there are people looking and they’re looking hard (there’s going to be a Noble prize waiting in the 11th dimension for them when they find it)  I love the fact that these people exist… My son loves the fact they exist too and he also loves the fact that when he starts getting excited about complicated math and Imaginary Numbers his Dads knuckles start to drag the floor and his brow thickens while a slightly perplexed look settles across his face…
So, based on the conversation we have just had I’m dedicating this blog to all of the hard working, relentless, frustrated, amazing Scientists around the world making it a better place and bringing us the Universe. Thank you!
Just a couple of things though…
1. These Photons are mine (They’re not I know but indulge me!)DSC_0245DSC_0236

2. The Boy’s on his way so you better move over!

Peace Peeps!



Manual 365/143 Up The Downs…

I often find myself thinking, how many shots have I missed in my life before I started carrying my camera around with me all the time?

Take today for example, a long walk with my daughter, her armed with my old Fugi film brick (she got so many better shots than I) and me with my trusty Nikon, the sky was amazing, changing minute by minute, the landscapes, glorious but familiar and already way over used to on here so I needed something else, just a moment. We puffed our way up the 750ft climb that is “Going up the Downs.” A phrase that used to induce giggles with my long dead Nan every time it was uttered. Once up and recovered we turned left along the Roman road that runs along the summit. A little further on there was a graggle, yes that is the word for the collection of middle aged men playing with their radio controlled gliders, their sensible vehicles all parked along side the track. The weather had threatened to break so unfortunately all of the gliders had been landed and the graggle was scuttling back towards the dry interiors of their cars. We carried on, knowing that the midway break was just a mile away and the promise of Lemonade and a pint. As we rounded the corner and began our decent I couldn’t believe my luck!

DSC_0151-Edit.jpgThe Viking was coming, treading in the footfalls of his predecessors as they marched across these same hills , along these same tracks. Them, towards Alfred and his army. This one, with a glider in the back and the hope of no rain! Just for the record, the picture gives no sense of how steep or rough the climb is. Fair play Fella!

And, because I can’t resist…

Rain Over Duncliff


The walk turned out to be nearly nine miles and “K” has retreated to her bedroom and I’m here, typing this nursing my poor, slightly stinking feet! ;o)

Peace Peeps! x