White Horses Project #1 Cherhill from Mile Elm

Because, you know, I’m so good at keeping up with my existing projects I really need another project… 365 Faces is ongoing and it will be, no matter what, 365 faces. It might take me a year or seven but I will get there in the end.

This project on the other hand has been rattling about in the head for a while now and originally I was thinking about utilising a film camera that I’ve acquired which, to be honest, I might still do, as the project progresses.

The aim of the project is to-

Photograph all eight remaining white horses in Wiltshire.

“Piece of piss!” You might think and I would agree so I want to take it that little bit further, I’m not going to park in the recommended parking spots or stand my tripod in the three holes worn by a multitude of photographers who’ve stood there before me.

The White Horses are a focal point but not the whole story. I’m going to try to encompass the horses come rain or shine and also involve the wider environment. I’m also going to locate the further 5 horses that have grown over and see what they have to offer.


This is going to be fun.



Take a club, not a seat…

Oh dear, I reached the point of image saturation, that moment where the bits required on the external drives outweigh the pennies in my pocket so now I’ve got to carry out the dreaded cull… But, as I look through every day from 2016… I remember!

So he takes a seat, like a dad clearing out 40 years of memories from the loft and procrastinates like a pro!


I think I’ll do it tomorrow…

Fornever Eloquent…

A friend asked a question on Facebook earlier, “Why do you post your images to social media?”

“Because I’m a show off!” was my first response but now, after more thinking I’m wishing that I took the Richard Feyman avenue; Pause, Pause some more  and then respond with a better question, a question that delves into the deeper depths of the original question.



“Should we not? We now have the ability to show something to a wider audience than ever before, that image that evokes a response in ourselves, should we not share that with them?

What separates the photographer from the artist, the author or the song writer?

Has photography been devalued to an extent that no matter the image it’s just another photo, or because it’s shared on platforms that are available to all? Everyone has a camera now. No, that’s incorrect because everyone used to have a camera then but there wasn’t the immediacy there is now, the camera, developer and “printer”  is built into the vessel that shares it with the world… Producers of Tomorrows World (circa 1985 would have been squirming in their pants!)

But, alas, now, as then, the everyday becomes mundane. Just another day and that, is the answer to the question:

“Why do I share my photos on social media?”

Because it’s today, it’s beautiful and I can!



Oh, and I’m not too shabby at it!