I Measure My Time In Bluebells


We in the UK are lucky to have the highest density of Bluebells in the world and many of my Springtime memories are of wandering through beautiful woodlands carpeted with purple / blue (delete as applicable)

I’m so lucky to live in an area strewn with ancient woodland, the best habitat for Bluebells, but also most of the best woods are off the beaten trail and normally quiet apart from the woodpeckers, birdsong and the occasional dog walker.


These images were taken this morning in a small wood in the village I grew up in and, 40 years on it’s almost exactly the same as I remember it.


If You’re Going To Stand Out From The Crowd… Shine!

DSC_3180We are so lucky in this part of the world! I only found out tonight that the UK’s ancient woodland contains half the worlds population of Bluebells and most woodlands date back to at least the 1600’s. To quote the BBC’s Earths Seasonal Secrets “Scenes like this happen nowhere else on earth.”

All I know is this, I remember my childhood walks through this wood and it gladdens my heart that I can return to this place of such fond memories and every spring the Bluebells return and the memories flood back.

I measure the years I have left in the numbers of springs that I will be able to see the carpet of blue (or purple depending on your point of view) and be it 10 or be it a hundred it will never be enough.

This post is dedicated to Ronnie and her parents Mr and Mrs Riddick.

Peace Peeps! XXX


dsc_9571-editTwo Brownies for a quid… Don’t you just love car boot sales! Not sure where I’m going to get the film from but in the mean time I’m going to have a bit of fun using my new fangled gadget to get some photos of the old fellas! And they smell amazing, like old pubs from my childhood… Long story!

Be Like Liquid

Strange times… I’m enjoying the fact that I’m not having to chase a shot for the day and actually enjoying seeing more and not constantly thinking I must get my camera. I know that means there’s going to be times when I miss a shot but sometimes you need to see things rather than look at things through the viewfinder.

I also have the chance to meander back through the 50,000 or so shots I got last year and maybe tweak one or two, strange though, that many shots and I can remember every single day, where it was and how I was feeling, for someone who had a job to remember last week that’s quite a mind funk!

Where Nant Howni Meets The Seadsc_6426Just a simple picture but a complex switch, like old music, or a long forgotten smell that clicks in an instant.

They promise -6 tonight and there’s a great spot on my way in to work in the morning, best leave early then! ;o)

Manual 365/76 Are We There Yet?

I was born and grew up in Wiltshire. Back in the 19grumbles, you know, about 15 (coughs) or so years ago. My mother’s family lived in Hertfordshire and a number of times a year (Christmas, Easter, and for some reason Whitsun)  we were required to make the trip up to Hertford, sometimes we’d pay the £1.50 British rail weekly return Gillingham Dorset to Waterloo and travel on the train and Underground. Other times, if we had a working car, Dad would drive us. The journey would take between 4 and 18 hours depending on the car. We once called out the AA 7 times to a particular Mini Traveller complete with Walnut trim and a dog of an engine. (That was the 18 hr one and the first time I ever watched a Hammer House Of Horror film but that’s a another story)

The road network was a little different then to what we have now but there was a bit of Dual Carriageway called the Croxley Green / Rickmansworth By-pass, and on this piece of road there was a viaduct crossing the carriageway and this viaduct was exactly 100 miles from home and when you’ve got two (I have a sister) whiny kids in the back of the car and your 13hrs into the journey any distraction will do! From then on this became a feature of the journey and “100 miles to go” was uttered, much to the Old Mans frustration,  every time we passed it afterwards.

As time and progress dragged it’s self into the 80’s The Croxley Green / Rickmansworth By-pass came to be part of the M25 but the viaduct remained and once I started working on the roads in the 90’s I passed it often and it always raised a smile. But the best was yet to come, a while (Years) ago a message appeared on the viaduct, daubed in white paint, written from above with rollers. I have no idea when or why but I fully agree


But what I really hope is that this was a typo …

Peas Peeps!