Familiar Places…

DSC_5408-2.jpgIt’s great to see somewhere new, a new experience, a different view but what I think I love more? Seeing the same place but never the same place. They say that familiarity breeds contempt, I disagree. Familiarity enables you to see subtle changes, recognise moments. Know your world…

Look what I saw….


Is that not the essence of photography? Is that not the essence of Human Beings?

There’s a reason that every phone has a camera and billions of photographs and videos are now being shared with everyone, everyday. There’s a reason that even back in the film day millions of pictures were taken, processed and then shared… We’re important! We know we’re important because we’re us. Every single little one of us.

There’s an awful lot of normal out there but normal is amazing, normal is us!

The Sandbox…

Things happen for a reason… Nope, things happen because of external forces exerted, or not, upon them and things, for good or for bad, just happen.

Take this evening for example, I had already decided that I wanted to try again with the Alum Bay cliffs and I wanted to do it during Blue Hour, the light’s low and defused and I was thinking the natural colours of the chalk would look great and sure enough, they did…


I’m not even going to talk about the sunset images I managed to delete by accident, just share the one that remained.

DSC_5236.jpgThe fact I would have spent more time on them and probably passed over this image is immaterial… Honestly…

I need a challenge….


I’ve just got to work out what the hell it’s going to be. I can’t believe that it’s fast approaching the anniversary of the final manual 365 post and, while I’ve been complacent in my blog posts, I’ve still been pushing myself with my camera. I’m still learning, still improving and yes, it’s for you. But first and foremost, it’s for me.  Shall we see where this is going to take us?