It’s the simple things…


Like hovering 50ft above the water to get a shot of a lonesome little fishing boat… All you need is a 5,000 tonne ferry and some fine weather.


It’s a tad more than balmy…

But the chalk streams are still flowing from the deluge that we had a couple of weeks ago and looked so inviting I nearly dipped my feet.

DSC_5928.jpgIt’s good to see a stream looking so fresh and vibrant during our “heatwave”  and I’m sure, knowing the British weather and it being Glastonbury this weekend the stream will be replenished very shortly.

Shot’s take on the River Ebble, just outside Broad Chalke in Wiltshire.


Be Like Liquid

Strange times… I’m enjoying the fact that I’m not having to chase a shot for the day and actually enjoying seeing more and not constantly thinking I must get my camera. I know that means there’s going to be times when I miss a shot but sometimes you need to see things rather than look at things through the viewfinder.

I also have the chance to meander back through the 50,000 or so shots I got last year and maybe tweak one or two, strange though, that many shots and I can remember every single day, where it was and how I was feeling, for someone who had a job to remember last week that’s quite a mind funk!

Where Nant Howni Meets The Seadsc_6426Just a simple picture but a complex switch, like old music, or a long forgotten smell that clicks in an instant.

They promise -6 tonight and there’s a great spot on my way in to work in the morning, best leave early then! ;o)

Manual 365/355.2 Still Optimistic

This morning was amazing, the beach was perfect and the sea was alive. No one apart from the dog and his owner and a brilliant sunrise I’m going to have to spend a couple of hours later getting all of the shots sorted and into a google album. I’ll post the link here tomorrow but in the mean time here’s one I couldn’t not post. Everything was going great so I pushed my luck, dropped my camera to ground level and shot the incoming foam…dsc_5761Living close to the edge… (wet, sandy camera! 😉

Now, Off to Mwnt!

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/327 Asshats and Cockwombles!

There is no excuse, fly tipping is wrong and anyone caught doing it should be prosecuted, fined and in my opinion, chaffed to an inch of their life, or at least until it’s very sore! It’s lazy, dangerous and the time it takes for a uPVC window frame to evaporate is measured in millennia, not weeks!


On another note, I’m 327 days into this behemoth of a personal challenge and the discarded window frames provided me with a little (much needed) inspiration, a twist on the usual landscape shots. Downside? Now I’ve got 6 discarded window frames in the back of the van that I need to take to the tip! (Or spend the next 12,000 miles being used as props, I haven’t decided yet…)

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/312 Headlong…

DSC_1151-Edit-2.JPGRemember last week, you know, when it was still light at 10pm? Well, that’s gone!

For those about to see snow, we envy you! And for you in the US who see through the metaphor, just vote, I’ll respect the outcome but you will be held to account…

And for those of you in Canada, it’s scary, you’ll get through it, you always do, but can we borrow your snow chains?….

Be safe Peeps! x

Manual 365/297 In My World…

… We have Ice in the Autumn.glassOk, a little jiggery pokery in today’s main shot but we’ll be lucky to get ice over the winter let alone in the autumn so a little bit of editing (I’ll detail what I’ve done below) hopefully will be forgiven.

When I got up this morning the sky was crystal clear, unfortunately, the higher the sun got  the thicker the clouds became and by the time I got into the gardens it was pretty much the same as yesterday so rather waiting in the same place I just carried on walking and pulled in tight.DSC_9598.jpgdsc_9569It’s still a glorious walk whatever the weather.

Right, techy bit for the main shot; 10 one second exposures, edited and the stacked in photoshop, mean tool applied to get the motion of the long exposure, unfortunately there was some movement in the trees and artifacts and aberrations from the different shots in the building and rope beside the path so I save the long exposure shot and then opened that, together with the first of the single shots as layers in Photoshop, added a layer mask and the painted through the original shot to add clarity to the trees then saved it back into lightroom and used the brush tool to reduce the dehaze and up the exposure on the water to give it the ice effect… Go me eh? ;O)

Peace Peeps! x