Manual 365/121 Hello Petal!

I know the mantra, “if you want to get good shots, go lovely places at silly times of the day…” My alarm was set for 3:15am and a trip to Lulworth Cove for sunrise was on the cards…

Unfortunately there is another mantra that goes…

“Bedtime at 11:30 on a belly full of the best lager in the world means there’s not a hope in hells chance you’re getting up at that time.”

I remembered the second at 7am this morning when I awoke bleary eyed and a little disappointed! But hey, it’s a long weekend and the weather looks promising tomorrow (Early that is, it’s going to turn shite quite quickly) so early to bed early to rise tonight it is!

I got todays shot in The Memorial Gardens in Gillingham, Dorset. The blossom took a little while getting here but it does looks great!

DSC_3763-Edit.jpgPeace Peeps! x



Manual 365/120 Heros!

There are numbers, great big numbers of fellow human beings who take that little bit of time to do that little bit more to help those that need it by volunteering. No pay, not a lot of recognition and an awful lot of work… But, occasionally, they do get chance to paint!

The natural human condition is to help, it’s evolved into us and eventually it will overcome.

Thanks to all the Volunteers, Trusties and most importantly, Organiser, (Sandie) at the Rosemary Goddard Centre for the good they do in the community and the pleasure they bring to their guests and letting me wander about with my camera.


Peace Peeps! x



Manual 365/118 Orange Fields And Arseholes On Churches… Bollocks!

…Yup, them too!


But orange fields?DSC_3500.jpg

With a tree too!

Pass the cucumber Vicar!

Bit of a surreal day today.

The field is just inside the M25 as you’re coming by Maple Cross, Junction 17 I think. I’ve been watching it for the last couple of weeks but today it popped! And the Gargoyle (I think it’s technically a corner stone) is on the St Mary The Virgin Church in West Knoyle, Picture of the church here (thanks for the heads up… I’m sure that’s the right terminology Nick)

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/117 Chicken Licken’s Having A Moment…

Don’t you just love the British weather, today’s been sun, snow, hail, wind and rain and the sky has been fantastic so tonight’s blog is dedicated to the thin strip of atmosphere that means so much to each and every one of us.

So Much More Than Just Sky!DSC_3471.jpg50mm @ f/8.0, 1/100th sec ISO 100 (I can’t stop thinking about Steve’s’seagulls)

DSC_3491.jpg50mm @ f/8.0, 1/125th sec, ISO 100

And also a little bonus, I got a shot of West Knoyle church yesterday. It wasn’t that impressive SOOC but after a bit of tweaking in Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro2 it popped and I love it!


A little village that holds a huge place in my heart.

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/116 Insane In The Membrane….

I got tonight’s shot on the hoof earlier and added some mood to the sky in Lightroom.

Normally I like to do a little bit of research before posing, be it into the location or subject and this evening’s been a bit of an eye opener… (Brane funk)

But there’s so much more to this simple picture…

Here’s the quandary in my uneducated opinion;

  • Farming in this country is still a huge industry, much as you’d like to think that the carrot and peas in your Sunday roast came from Farmer Giles’ small holding up the road it probably came from an industrial farm in Suffolk.
  • Oil seed rape is a viable crop, not as viable as it used to be but still viable.
  • Flowering crops like this offer a life line to the pollinators of our tiny island
  • Flowering crops like this offer a tasty meal to the pests that have reduced, or even in some cases, decimated the weald of this crop.
  • The pesticide (neonicotinoids) that could be used to control the pests would also kill the pollinators (it’s due to the blood/brain barrier in insects, their brains are affected so much more than mammals.)
  • Other pesticides used to work but the Flea Beatle has developed immunity, as most small organisms tend too, given a little bit of time and lazy corporations (See the Antibiotic argument)
  • The EU (I’m not getting into that debate) has banned the use of neonicotinoids on the basis that we need to keep bees about, I think everyone agrees with that.
  • The EU needs to invest more money into research and get everybody around the table to talk in a grown up (The answer’s in the grey area) kind of way. (I’m still not going to get into that debate)

The crux of the matter is, more research (money) needs to be invested on researching this  subject because this, together with many other issues, need to be resolved from the point of view of business, farming and also from the point of view that I want my kids to grow up less scared than I did!

Bit of a heavy one tonight and I’m sure there’s many arguments either for or against but the one thing I’m absolutely sure of is our ability to find a solution…

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/115 Bonk!

I held a dinosaur in my hand earlier, sure it was of the tiny, feathered and very dazed variety but a dinosaur none the less. And this dinosaurs’ evolutionary memory knows nothing of windows and the “bonk” they make when you fly right into them which alerted his plight to the ape rather than the tigers that prowl in the undergrowth around here.


Gradually the Blackcap came to and eventually flew off to a nearby bush. Glorious little fellow though and I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know they were a thing before today.


Photo credit goes to Sandie and her iPhone today , I thought it better to let the little critter recover than insist he poses for a few close ups.

I did get a few shots in the garden this afternoon and it’s my excuse for not mowing the lawn, this week anyway. I don’t think I’ll be able to pull it off next week.

Don’t Cut The Bounty!DSC_3354.jpg

Enjoy your Sunday evening!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/114 It’s Not Charlies’ Tree, It’s Mine!

Setting the alarm for 4:30am on a Saturday morning is just wrong but also so right. I had checked the weather forecast last night and the rain from yesterday was due to clear about an hour before sunrise so that would mean a crisp clear morning and I wasn’t about to pass that up. So, at 05:15 off I trot to the bemusement of the few drivers who passed me walking along the Gillingham road.

My subject had already been chosen so I knew where I was going and, as luck would have it a footpath runs along side the field so access was not a problem.

Single trees in fields seems to be a thing in this part of the world and I love them as does the great Charlie Waite, I don’t know if he’s shot this particular tree (It’s not far from where he lives) and if he has I’m sure my humble offering pales into insignificance but I’m proud of it and I will be returning to hone my skills!

DSC_3133_HDR18mm @ f/20, ISO 100 and varying exposure times combined in HDR Efex

The tree is actually in the middle of a meadow so in a few weeks time when the wild flowers and leaves are out but before the first mowing this place will be spectacular!

And the sun rises are just going to get earlier and earlier but it was great, just me, my camera and 600 other peeps (Admittedly 20,000 feet above my head but hey, it was nice to share it with you guys!) DSC_3167.jpg300mm @ f/8.0, 1/250th sec, ISO 100 I’m secretly proud of this shot, I managed to get it bang on centre at full length with minimal lens shake! Who’s a clever boy!

And the walk back offered a few more too.


And we were hoping for frost but this is the best we could dew…. (Groans!)


So, a 3 mile walk before 7 and then back to bed…. Spot on!

Have a great weekend!

Peace peeps! x



Manual 365/112 A Nod To Ma’am

As the UK goes all “I remember when” and “Back in the day.” as another year passes without the Queen expiring and Prince Charles mumbling “Blast!” repeatedly under his breath I thought I’d go all vintage for tonight’s blog.

I got tonight’s first shot as I climbed out of Bath on the Warminster road on my way home from work. I’ve often looked across from this vantage point and pondered the different shots.

Town, Church and CountryDSC_3035-Edit.jpg

And then a brief visit to Iford, quite an interesting little hamlet in the River Frome valley. I will be going back there in the late spring / early summer to have a look around the gardens.

To Thee Belongs The Rural ReignDSC_3048_HDR-Edit.jpg

The Road AheadDSC_3052_HDR

All of todays’ shots have been edited in the… Wait for it… Nik Collection, HDR Efex Pro2 and Silver Efex Pro2.

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Peace Peeps! x