ITLT… Topiary and Chill!


I have man flu, this is my recovery room and I can’t wait to see the 100″ willow flat screen and Wisteria surround sound system! I wish!

This little gem of a place is Iford Manor on the banks of the River Frome, I’ve been here a couple of times but never when the gardens have been open and to be honest, you’ll be struggling to find anywhere else that is so quintessentially English in the Springtime. Yes, I know there’s a lot going on in the photograph but

1. I was half comatosed… #Manflu!

2. And this is me being honest, the line of the road, the statue, the flowers and the swan worked for me, I didn’t even notice the sofa and chair!


ITLT… Metaphives…


Kayleigh and I are sat here at the moment discussing if a photograph contains that many metaphors whether it should be plus one… Metaphives or, this his her opinion, Metaphixteen… (squared) and now she’s just thrown in Metapheight…

My head hurts….

Oh, and for the record, we both agreed that we’re turning right! x

It’s the little things… Jupiter!


I need help. The image above is one of the shots I got last night, at first I thought it was a strange lens flare from the moon but the more I looked at it I realised it’s Jupiter which, with the naked eye, was a small bright star at twenty past the moon.

Now, here’s the complicated bit, This photo was taken on a tripod, 1 second exposure, f./4.0, ISO500

The aperture being that wide would introduce bokeh, which would explain the size of  the planet…. (in the photo, not the universe, that’s down to magic!) but not the detail in the disk…


Now, I’ve checked my sensor and while not spotless at that aperture any dust spots would almost be invisible and it wouldn’t explain the “atmosphere” around the disk .

So, my question is, have I unexpectedly captured the detail of Jupiter’s surface or do I have a single cell amoeba floating about in my camera body?

PS, I know, I missed my focus…



It’s The Little Things… Maelstrom!


I’ve always said there’s no such thing as getting lost. There’s going the quick way and then there’s going the scenic way. Hence today, while avoiding the holiday traffic on my way home from work I ended up in Sharpness Docks. Somewhere I haven’t been for years. The last time I was here I was delivering 30 tonnes of clinker and didn’t / couldn’t hang about.

The port lies on the banks of the River Severn and is one of the most inland ports in Britain and is the 8th biggest in the South West… (Um, don’t want to be picky but is being 8th biggest in a region of a country a boast?) Anyway I digress… Again!

What was impressive was the lock system, the tidal range at Sharpness is from 10-14 meters (Normal Spring to High Spring… look at me getting all technical!  *whispers* thanks Wiki!) That’s 36-43 ft… FFS! That’s a huge amount of water!

It was low tide when I was there and the sluice gates of the front locks were openDSC_8764-Pano.jpg

And there was a shed load* of water being released under pressure. That, I can promise you, is something to see!

*a valid unit of measure

The I.T.L.T. (my project now has an acronym!) image is a 1/6th sec exposure of the plume of one of the sluices.

The Tweek…

Ok world, point taken!

Last night I waxed on about the great weather we’ve been having and how I’ve decided that my next project was going to be capturing little pockets of wonder, all moody and bright and sunny and special.

Today it proceeded to pish down…, All day!

So, being the eternal optimist I am, I said Bollocks to it!

I lie…


This project has now evolved into Little Details in the Bigger Picture.

Tonight, Damp Dandelion in the back garden… Well it was raining!

Hope you guys approve!





Time for a new project methinks.

Spring in the UK has well and truly sprung and we’ve all been treated to a beautiful May but (there’s always a but) bright sunny days, while great for the mood, can be a bit… A bit, well “meh!” for the photographer. I know there’s misty mornings and soft sunrises but they’re now approaching silly o’clock and I don’t do that time often… (I am better than I used to be though) But I digress…

Now that the trees are in full leaf and the hedgerows and woods have moved passed the Bluebell phase I’ve notices there are beautiful little pockets of light and occasionally a subject. It could be for a fraction of a second or maybe a minute or two but very quickly the wind will change or the sun will move and then it’s gone.


My job, as I’ve chosen to accept it, over the next few weeks will be to try and capture as many of the moments as I can. It might be a flower. It might be a field mouse (That’s a lot of wishful thinking) but I’ll do my best to get the shot, and foremost, get the shot right…


Todays shots, Forget-Me-Nots (they might not be but they’re small and they’re blue so they are…) in a small copse on the side of the A36 south of Salisbury.

Note to self: if you’re going to shoot flowers at least know they’re names… Heartless B*stard!