Tooo Much Mooon!


So, The Beast From The East, known in some other parts of the world as A Little Bit Nippy Today has grasped the UK by the short and curlies. There are benefits though, in the parts of the country not inches deep in snow we have been treated to clear blue skies and beautiful clear nights. Perfect I thought last night, I should head down to the South of the Isle of Wight, Brook Bay to be exact. As the (very fit or soon to be very wet) crow flies the next bit of land it would encounter is Florida so the chances of light pollution on the horizon was minimal. I knew the composition (I’ve been there before a few times….) The boat in shadow, the contrast between the path and the grass, faint in the star light, the sea, dark and ominous and then the huge expanse of the universes stretching off into infinity (That crow refused to fly). The Moon on the other hand, had other ideas, up there, shining it’s silvery light and overruling most of the universe…. Pesky satellite!

That said, there is the promise of snow at home tomorrow and if the Moon feels like doing the same across a snow covered Stourhead I’m not complaing too much… Lovely satellite… #fingerscrossed



Days like today make me glad that I’ve learnt what I’ve learnt over the last 18 months.DSC_3489DSC_3413-Pano-Edit-EditDSC_3495-Pano-EditAnd I didn’t get wet once… ;o)

Manual 365/312 Headlong…

DSC_1151-Edit-2.JPGRemember last week, you know, when it was still light at 10pm? Well, that’s gone!

For those about to see snow, we envy you! And for you in the US who see through the metaphor, just vote, I’ll respect the outcome but you will be held to account…

And for those of you in Canada, it’s scary, you’ll get through it, you always do, but can we borrow your snow chains?….

Be safe Peeps! x