Manual 365/182.5 50 (per) Cent!

I don’t care what the Leap Year advocates, summer solstice loving, earth wobbling, 23hrs… 56 minutes… 4.1 seconds Nerds (I love you all really!) have to say.

Half of 365 is 182.5…

I’m halfway there!!!!

This has been the most frustrating, inspiring, fun, rewarding… Did I say frustrating? Thing I’ve ever done. I am so proud of myself in continuing the journey I’ve chosen to take and I have nothing but love, thanks and admiration for my family (all of them) for the help, support, and critique that has been my foundation.

To friends and strangers who have liked / commented on my posts, it really, really  means a great deal. And to the thousands of other photographers and artists who inspire me to do what I do and have helped me along the way by doing what they do and sharing it with the world. To you I bow! Thank you!

We live in great times…

I’ve got to go now or they’ll start playing the music

DSC_0736Peace Peeps! XXXXX

Manual 365/182 Ripples Across A Century…


“I am writing this tonight, My three kids
By a little candle-light, My three kids
And the candlestick’s a tin
With some dry tobacco in
And so that’s how I begin, To three kids
Now I wonder what you’re at, My three kids
Moll and Bids and little Pat, My three kids
Why of course there’s two asleep
But perhaps Moll’s thinking deep
Watching little starts that peep, At my kids
Since I left you long ago, My three kids
There’s a lot you’d like to know, My three kids
That has happened to your dad
In the varied luck he’s had
In adventures good and bad, My three kids
I have soldiered in a trench, My three kids
Serving under Marshall French, My three kids
Once a shell dropped with a thud
Quite close, covered me with mud
And its lucky ’twas a dud, For my kids
And I’ve crossed the ground outside, My three kids
It’s at night that’s chiefly tried, My three kids
And the bullets sang all round
Overhead, or struck the ground
But your daddy none has found, No my kids
I have mapped our trenches new, My three kids
And some German trenches too, My three kids
I have sprinted past a wood
Counting steps, for so I could
Judge the distance, as I should, My three kids
I have placed our snipers where, My three kids
On the Germans they could stare, My three kids
And they killed their share of men
Quite a lot for snipers ten
From their little hidden den, My three kids
And I’ve slept in bed quite warm, My three kids
But I haven’t taken harm, My three kids
When upon the ground I lay
Without even straw or hay
In the same clothes night and day, My three kids
When they sent us back to rest, My three kids
Then they seemed to think it best, My three kids
To send on your dad ahead
To discover where a bed
Could be found, or some old shed, My three kids
And new officers were trained, My three kids
And the men we’ve lately gained, My three kids
And while that work was in hand
I was second in command
Of B Coy and that was grand, My three kids
But it didn’t last all through, My three kids
There was other work to do, My three kids
When they made me adjutant
I was busy as an ant
And its not much catch, I grant, My three kids
I have ridden on a horse, My three kids
Captured from a German force, My three kids
And I’ve marched and crawled and run Night and day in rain and sun
And shall do it till we’ve won, My three kids
And I’d rather be with you, My three kids
Yet you know I’m lucky too, My three kids
Lots of men I used to know
Now are killed or wounded, though
I remain, and back I’ll go, To my kids
And I hope you’ll all keep well, My three kids
Just as sound as any bell, My three kids
And when this long war is done
We shall have some glorious fun
Moll and Bids and little son, My three kids”

Robert Stewart Smylie, killed in action, 14th July 2016 during the Battle Of the Somme.

Lest We Forget.DSC_4102

Peace Peeps….


Manual 365/181 It’s Not Lenor…

DSC_4233-2.jpg Just a simple fern backlit by the (Rarely seen at the moment) sun. The bokeh is to my satisfaction and I love the fact it gives you the illusion of the plant falling off into the distance while most of it remains in focus even though my lens was wide open at f/4 @ 25mm.

But here’s the crux, in the original photo (before I rotated it in LR) the fern went from right to left…DSC_4233I spent ages looking at it, very nearly loving it, but there was just something. An itch that didn’t feel right.  I even asked Sandie for her opinion and she thinks I prefer the chosen shot because I spend my life writing and reading from left to right so am conditioned that way… Me? Conditioned? Never!…

Now, if there are any Southpaws, Arabic, Hebrew or Syriac readers / writers out there let me know your favourite. I might have to investigate this further! ;o)

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/180 The Democracy Paradox. Hmmph!

What strange times we live in…

Democracy apparently means you can vote but if you’re in the majority the other side will launch a petition to get the vote held again (Because democracy only counts when we win…) or just in case those voters who voted for what they voted for woke up perplexed that lots of other voters voted for what they voted for too and now they feel bad that they voted for what they voted for and want to change their vote…

Or… The ones who told you not to vote the way you voted are now saying what they said was going to happen after you voted the way you voted is happening but the ones who told you to vote the way you voted are saying the only reason the things are happening is because the people who told you not to vote the way you did are now saying the things are happening and (This is a quote from Radio Fours Woman’s Hour from a Leave campaigner reacting to a Remain advocate this morning) “You’re talking the economy down, that’s why this is happening” … WTF?

Oh, and it’s still fucking raining!DSC_4296-Edit-2

I’m tired and a little bit sad but mainly tired…

Peace (because that’s what really matters oh, and democracy) Peeps! XXX

P.S. I’ve read and re read tonight’s blog and very nearly deleted it because it’s a little on the rambling side and completely out of sorts to what I normally do. My apologies if you’ve heard enough. “Normal” service will be hopefully be resumed tomorrow. x


Manual 365/179 Lord Baths’ Mystical Eye!

DSC_4244-EditComplete with standing stones as Longleat gears up to hold the Glastonbury Festival in a couple of years time. I’ve *heard a rumour (*made it up) that there’s going to be a warm up Stargate convention in 2017 and the Lions, Tigers and Bears (Ah Ha!) ((I know there are no bears at Longleat but it sounds better than wolves..)) Are receiving Hippy / Hipster acclimatisation acupuncture therapy for the inevitable lost / stoned / drunk festival goer who’s bound to stagger into their enclosures. (I made that up too and I’m sure the security around the animals will be second to none… Apart from the hippos, those hard Mofo’s can look after themselves and it’ll make great tele… Ok, I’m making that up too but hey, 20 minutes ago I was sat here with Bloggers Block and now I’m on a roll!)

On a techy note, got the shot using a tight aperture (f/26 @ 18mm to f/38 @ 105mm) 1/3 sec exposure and zoomed in when the shutter was open. I would like to invest in a Neutral Density filter, a good one so it will be an investment so that I don’t have to have everything so tight to get long exposure shots during the day but that’ll be something to aim for in the future.

And the view from Heavens gate was a bit good too!DSC_4266

Peace Peeps! x



Manual 365/178 The Gloves Are Off!!!

Silently singing their bloody stalks off!DSC_4181I have a secret weapon when it comes to choosing my shots, I see one I like, do the required fiddling in lightroom (All of my shots are edited because I shoot in RAW rather than Jpeg, it just offers so much more) and then get my daughter to critique it and if I get a “Wow!” then it’s in and if she suggests or we agree on the story, which is often, then that’s in too! We both agreed that the Fox Glove Choir was in full belt on this otherwise grey, dull day!


Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/176 It’s Soooo Big!

Right, techy blog tonight…DSC_4152-PanoAnother landscape shot I know and the power lines were intentional.

The shot’s composed of 6 individual pictures which were merged into 3 up/down panoramas which in turn was combined into 1 side to side panorama. It crashed Lightroom (and the PC) so, after restarting I had to compose the final panorama in Photoshop and then edit back in Lightroom. The file is a tad on the large side! ;o)

Peace Peeps!