Manual 365/112 A Nod To Ma’am

As the UK goes all “I remember when” and “Back in the day.” as another year passes without the Queen expiring and Prince Charles mumbling “Blast!” repeatedly under his breath I thought I’d go all vintage for tonight’s blog.

I got tonight’s first shot as I climbed out of Bath on the Warminster road on my way home from work. I’ve often looked across from this vantage point and pondered the different shots.

Town, Church and CountryDSC_3035-Edit.jpg

And then a brief visit to Iford, quite an interesting little hamlet in the River Frome valley. I will be going back there in the late spring / early summer to have a look around the gardens.

To Thee Belongs The Rural ReignDSC_3048_HDR-Edit.jpg

The Road AheadDSC_3052_HDR

All of todays’ shots have been edited in the… Wait for it… Nik Collection, HDR Efex Pro2 and Silver Efex Pro2.

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Manual 365/22 Portrait Tip: Use Statues

Driving as much as I do I know that lapses of concentration can be dangerous have massive consequences.  So, as I passed the junction for the A34 on the M4 in the fast lane at (Coughs) 70mph I remembered I actually wanted to go home via Hungerford and the old A4 so that was fine.

Last nights’ little episode has been logged and filed and will fade into a story / lesson. The sun had finally made an appearance and all was good with the Friday afternoon world. And as I dropped into Hungerford I remembered the yard that greets you as you hit the roundabout and turn right for the A4 and sure enough, it’s still there.

A tentative step into The Barn saw me seeking permission to take some pictures from a young lady with a huge smile, she explained that the guy I need to speak with is across the yard and directs me across to the old rail carriage that is the office, to speak to the owner…

“May I?” I ask of the Owner, “Of Course.” He replies…

And I spend the next half an hour practicing portrait shots on statues and finding a “Grim Corner” that puts mine to shame! (The drunk mouse did it for me!)

Thank you, Mr Nettleton, I will be recommending you to anyone I know who would like to add that little (or massive) feature to their garden.





DSC_3466 (2).JPG


The CornerDSC_3426.JPG

And there’s even beauty in the tiny…DSC_3497

And last but most definitely not least, our favourite (whole family agrees).

Warming SunDSC_3533



Thanks again to Travers Nettleton at Garden Art, You can visit their website by clicking the following link:

Their address is:

Barrs Yard, Bath Road, Hungerford, Berkshire, RG17 0HE

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