Tooo Much Mooon!


So, The Beast From The East, known in some other parts of the world as A Little Bit Nippy Today has grasped the UK by the short and curlies. There are benefits though, in the parts of the country not inches deep in snow we have been treated to clear blue skies and beautiful clear nights. Perfect I thought last night, I should head down to the South of the Isle of Wight, Brook Bay to be exact. As the (very fit or soon to be very wet) crow flies the next bit of land it would encounter is Florida so the chances of light pollution on the horizon was minimal. I knew the composition (I’ve been there before a few times….) The boat in shadow, the contrast between the path and the grass, faint in the star light, the sea, dark and ominous and then the huge expanse of the universes stretching off into infinity (That crow refused to fly). The Moon on the other hand, had other ideas, up there, shining it’s silvery light and overruling most of the universe…. Pesky satellite!

That said, there is the promise of snow at home tomorrow and if the Moon feels like doing the same across a snow covered Stourhead I’m not complaing too much… Lovely satellite… #fingerscrossed

Even Rails Have Junctions… (Handcuffs optional) AKA… I did a review!!! (of sorts)

DSC_1643Hmm, times they be a changing. With my new Nikon D750 I am now wifi enabled and CC’d to the hilt and while it was nice to be able to take a pic of Portsmouth harbour during blue hour, send it to and then edit it on my phone and eventually post to Instagram all within the space of a short ferry crossing to the Isle of Wight I’m not 100% I’m happy with the result. Sure it looks great with my bad eyesight through lousy glasses on a tiny screen but now I’m tucked up in the hotel room and viewing it on a slightly larger screen I’m not so sure, the noise is still there, the highlights aren’t as crisp as I’d like… Oh, and I suppose I better come clean now, the pic above is the same image edited in Lightroom CC Classic, the one below is the edit from my phone in Lightroom CC on my phone


And, another confession, I know my way around Old Grandfather Lightroom blindfolded and handcuffed (He’s funny like that…) where as my editing with the whippersnapper CC is at best a rough guess, bit like a pianist stringing sausages in a butcher shop (don’t ask), I know what I want to do but it’s not bloody obvious how I do it and that’s frustrating!

Heh, Get me, the old fashion fart who expects everything to work like it used to, Immediately! And, Whippersnapper, lets be honest, it’s going to be a while until you can do Panoramas like this…


So, summing up, pass me my slippers, blindfold and handcuffs!

PS, loving the low light performance of the D750 though, ok, there’s some noise at ISO1600 but these shots were hand held at 1/50th f/4.0 nice nice nice! (and I know there’s distortion in the panorama I put it there! ;O)


Essential… Works

With nearly 30 years working in the highways industry I am confident that I can accurately predict the number of cats eyes on the A350 between Longbridge Deverill and the A303…


Twice as many as cats arseholes…

And that’s a milestone…


Even though it’s cast iron and I bet they didn’t have a road closure to put it there either.

On a personal note, it was nice to meander along a beautiful stretch of road and notice the things I miss when I’m rushing, and everyone else is too, to be somewhere at 60 (coughs) mph…

And, on a serious note, roads offer so much photographically but please be careful when anywhere on the road network, I was lucky enough to be in a road closure but even then I still made sure that I was protected. There are a million and one people alive and dead who can tell you things can go wrong on the carriageway in a fraction of a second.


Backstreet Serenade…


There’s something about Bristol. It’s not the closest city to me, Salisbury has that accolade and deserves a blog post of its own (it’s coming) but I digress, Bristol, art in the back streets and great cobbles what more could you ask for?

“Bristol’s hard!” Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear, 2008 as he tried to beat up the Toyota Pickup, he was right to a point. It oozes “Fuck you! We are who we are and if you don’t like it, fuck the fuck off!”

And it works… Art on breeze blocks, long may it continue and Bristol, I’ll see you again shortly. Show me your face!

Whoh! Steady on!

A second post? What the frickin frick…

But I feel I needed to say this. Right from the very start I’ve been a non purest, I’ll break conformity. If it’s wrong and it works for me then, in my mind, it’s right. My photography is mine. You can take a peek and if it invokes an emotional response please just realise that it’s a test.

What really floats my boat is being stood in the middle of Stourhead Gardens at 10pm with not a soul about… And then giving it to all of you…


… So I lied, I’m in it for the likes too but, Love my moments, Love me! I’m a bit good at this x

52 Faces, We Are Stardust… But, bloody hell!


Art is subjective, you can love it, hate it or even a bit Meh! It’s completely up to you and that is the great thing about art… Street furniture on the other hand is a completely different ball game.

We are the universe observing itself but I think we keep missing the obvious…

DSC_1221Thank you Photoshop  for your assistance and to the architects of Solstice Park… WTFF?The hotel didn’t help either!

And, a little side note, The Human Universe by Prof Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen. A great listen.

For Lucy!

Turners Preference…


There’s a story around these parts that once Sir Henry Hoare (The Magnificent) had completed the gardens at Stourhead he invited the renowned landscape painter Joseph Mallord William Turner down for a ganders and maybe a painting or two… Unfortunately Bill was not impressed with Harrys’ arrogance with regards to the new gardens and chose to paint the second lake down. not part of the gardens and known to this day as Turners Paddock. I’m not sure how you give the bird in 1799 but that seems pretty close to me.

On a personal note, the fishing is good (permit from the Gillingham angling club required, mine elapsed 30 years ago…) and I used to catch Jack Pike here when I was a lad and will never forget when a Starling murmuration passed overhead and they all poo’d at the same time… The fishing kind of die a death after that, apparently Starling poo tastes better than maggots… I’ll take the fishes word on that!