Manual 365/140 sub-blog Pebbles

I haven’t really touched on Philosophy for two reasons, one; I can’t spell it and two; I’m not a philosopher (I can’t spell that either. All hail the spillchecker) but looking back through my photos tonight I stumbled across some shots of pebbles and it got me thinking about life in general and my experiences, in the past and at the moment and what better place to voice them there thoughts than here on my trusty (I still can’t believe I’m still going) blog.

Waves will shape you but those waves are different, every single time. You though, you remain the same and the smoother you get the more beautiful you are!


DSC_3866-Edit-2.jpgPeace Pebbles! x

P.S. Don’t listen to Radiohead late at night… I did and look what it’s done to me! ;o)