Hard To…. Swallow!


It’s bloody freezing out there and it’s only a couple of weeks ago that we had nearly a foot of snow but a chilled Sunday evening walk around Stourhead with a couple of cans of Thatchers has reassured me that summer is really on its way. The surface of the lake was alive with feeding Swallows and their almost depth defying aero acrobatics.

The light was low and I had to jack up the ISO to get a fast enough shutter speed to freeze the action. That twinned with my 24-105mm f/.4 I didn’t have the reach to get close chrisp shots and burst mode was a must and out of a hundred or so shots I got… 2


I’m not complaining though, the spectacle was amazing.

It’s A Long Time Dark…


But not quite as long tonight… A reminder to my UK readers, the clocks go forward tonight but you’re phone’s got it covered… The car, on the other hand, can wait until July.

I want to give a massive shout out to Igerswiltshire and Visit Wiltshire for arranging a photowalk around Lacock today, followed by a lovely slap up meal at Neston Farm Shop and Kitchen. A great location, and it’s nice to actually meet the people who live in my phone! Great to meet you Guys and look forward to the next Meet!

Now, is the sundial connected to wifi or not?





It’s a tad more than balmy…

But the chalk streams are still flowing from the deluge that we had a couple of weeks ago and looked so inviting I nearly dipped my feet.

DSC_5928.jpgIt’s good to see a stream looking so fresh and vibrant during our “heatwave”  and I’m sure, knowing the British weather and it being Glastonbury this weekend the stream will be replenished very shortly.

Shot’s take on the River Ebble, just outside Broad Chalke in Wiltshire.


Manual 365/330 Please leave a message after the beep…

I am currently away from my blog but on my return, I will respond by posting pics from the next (last) couple of days rather than just trawling through my rather extensive catalogue of previous shots for example,  here’s some light pollution from the summer!dsc_8485-edit

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/253 2 of 2 Late Bloomer

As I’ve said before, most things are starting to wilt a tad, all of their glory fading and the long sleep of winter approaching… Apart from this one garden in Wilcot, Wiltshire that is steadfastly ignoring the oncoming season!dsc_4557I have no idea what type of flowers they were but they were magnificent!DSC_4558.jpg

Manual 365/238 And The World Keeps Turning…

You can feel it in the air, a misty chill in the morning, subtle changes in the colours. Almost a pause before Autumn bursts forth with all its glory.DSC_0308But there’s still a bit of summer left, a wedding today and then a week in West Wales is on the cards. So, as far as I’m concerned, the world can slow down and take it easy for a while.

Today is for Claire and Matt, see you later guys hope you have a great day and also for one of my oldest friends, Dee, who is also getting married today! (There’s something in the air!)

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/237.5 It Takes A Kind Special Kind Of Unicorn…

To make a red-shifted rainbow…DSC_0841.jpgThis was 20 minutes after sunset, which I time lapsed btw, you can see it here I actually stopped the time lapse to capture this, so after the end of the video I turned 180 degrees and got this… Oh how I suffer for this blog…


Manual 365/231 Not Ranting…

DSC_9651.jpgBut, times getting on, the fruits are starting  to ripen on the bow and the colours in the trees are starting to change and to be honest, life’s too short to grumble about a particular shop who’s name rhymes with Asda putting 30 spuds in a bag, labeling them potatoes and selling them for £1.29 and then putting four of the same sized taters in a bag, labeling them Jacket Potatoes and charging a quid… I’m not going to rant about that at all… DSC_9647-Edit.jpgA slightly big new potatoes from Arseda… #notthickskinned #notafuckinjacket

Then again, I could grow my own… Yeah, right! (See the flower)

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/206 Plagiarism

DSC_7047-Edit.jpgArt imitating beauty or beauty intimidating art?

I have no idea… I’m just a photographer cataloging moments! ;o)


Whenever I shoot other peoples work I always feel like I’m cheating, all those hours and hours of effort and I catch it in a 320th of a second. I will always be in awe and always respect and always, always thank you!

Upfest, You were spectacular!  Thank you!x


Peace Peeps! xxx