I am so sat here with “writers block” I have been for the last couple of months. I’ve taken all I’ve learnt in regards to photography and battered the buggery out of it but I have neglected all that I learnt from posting every day and delving into that dull grey matter that is my frontal cortex to come up with some bullshite to accompany a pretty (and, on the whole they were pretty) picture.

I am, and I’ll fully admit it, lazy. I can and do post to Facebook and get a couple of likes, I’ll post to Instagram and get a couple tenfold, (Twitter’s a sod but I’ll keep trying)  but that’s just a fleeting image, forgotten tomorrow, forgotten in a minute.

The blog on the other hand, while not satisfying my social media cravings, does require some kind of thinking further than editing in Lightroom (Ok, I know there are those who would edit the funk out of this #removethetext) But I need to say that my journey is continuing…. And getting better….

And, to those who are here, to those that have been here, I thank you.

The Flick


For Roland and his family

35 by 35…


So, a new challenge methinks, I have the tools at my disposal and those tools are not extensive, there will be my trusty D3300, now feeling a little worn but still delivering the goods. And my 35mm, f/1.8 prime lens (I love it sooo much!) the rest will just be gravy.

So, here we go, 35 shots over 35 days using only my 35mm lens and it might involve maths (did you know that 35×35=1225 and that 1225 is a Angel Number? Nope, nor did I and to be honest…. I don’t think so… But I will be sure to let you know if I experience any unexpected “energy” ((I won’t)) during my challenge.)

So, to my first shot, a fully charged hover fly on a daisy, I love these insects. They mimic the bad boys (wasps) they drink nectar rather than blood (horseflies) and they can beat their wings quicker than anything else in the animal kingdom.

Boom, there it is, a half decent blog post after the dismal attempts of the last 9 months…

And I’m going to include some techie bits too. f/1.8, 1/3200th sec, the shutter speed was so quick because it was the middle of the day and 1.8 is wide open so even at ISO 100 the amount of light in the exposure was extensive. I wanted to shoot at 1.8 to get a shallow depth of field so the focus was on the fly and the flower and throw the rest of the frame out of focus (Bokeh) so a compromise had to be made.

See you tomorrow! x

Manual 365/356 What’s The Frequency Kenneth?

dsc_6017-edit10 days to go and I have this just outside my back door for the duration… And, there’s a storm forecast for the weekend. I am not going to apologise for the amount of beach / long exposures I have posted and will most definitely be posting over the coming days!dsc_6039Happy Winter Solstice Peeps!

Manual 365/199 Sheps’ JOGLE

11 years ago I partook in the Rob Roy Challenge a 16 mile hike followed by a 39 mile cycle ride across the middle of Scotland I was proud to finish it and I still look back at my achievement and smile. Along side (in front) of me during this challenge was a guy called Graham Sheppard. Now, I’ve known Shep for a long long time and there’s one thing about Shep; once he gets something in his head, come hell or high water, it’s going to happen. The Cycle bug bit on that challenge and 11 years and a bit later on the 27th August this year Shep is starting his John o Groats to Lands End ride. He’s planned it over 10 days, completing 100 miles a day and aims to be at the finish line on the 5th September. Graham is 60 and has been diabetic since 1982. He called me this morning and asked if I would get a couple of shots of him in his jersey and I was honoured to! DSC_6417DSC_6416

You can find his Just Giving Page here

All proceeds are going to DiabetesUK

And his Facebook page is here

Best of luck Fella and mind out for them Beasties!

Dig Deep Peeps! x


Manual 365/197ish Cotton Tail…

I’m late… Nothing new there then!

I’m fast approaching another milestone in this project and have been thinking about incorporating another challenge into this one, just to give myself some inspiration and break up the usual landscape – flower – black and white cycle.

I’ve had a few ideas… A-Z maybe

A is for…



B is for…

Bunnies Bumhole DSC_5910

Hmm, or maybe a 101 list, yeah I think I like that.

Anyway, the decision will be made by Manual365/200.

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/194 Office Day…

I got into the office at 9:00, I left the office at 19:53, it’s a 1 hr 20 minute drive from and to home if the traffic is good. I’ll let you do the math to what time I left this morning and to what time I was going to get home. It was going to be a long day and I pondered my lack of shots and opportunities along with many many other things as I traveled down the M5. I did notice one thing though.

Off to my right the sky was heavy and grey but there was a strip of lighter sky across the horizon which steadfastly remained the closer I got to home. A couple of little niggles began to grow in my mind; will it be a screamer of a sunset? (heavy grey skies with a strip of fire) and will I be too late? Will I miss it?


I didn’t.

A long, long day but hey, you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth!

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/192 Right Time, Right Place….

Yesterday I awoke early, refreshed and looking forward to a day full of golf, laughter and a few beers…

Today, somewhere around lunch time I peeled my head off the pillow and looked through the rough end of a brewery sized hangover at my red, angry, sunburned legs. Eventually I managed to grunt my way into somewhat dulled, consciousness but it’s been fragile. I have though managed to edit a video together of yesterdays shots, taken with my camera by Monica, which kind of gives you a clue into the finesse and skill involved in our game of golf…

You can find it on YouTube here 

Today’s shot on the other hand is somewhat more subdued, I had to pop out earlier and the light was changeable. The sun was dropping low in the sky and the clouds were busy. I pulled over to get a shot across a barley field that was bathed in bright sunlight with dark clouds in the background. By the time I got into position cloud had covered the sun and the shot was gone…. But, I spotted movement a hundred or so yards off to my left, along the edge of the field. A pheasant, who’d seen me and was heading off in the other direction. And a hare, that hadn’t and was gradually making its way towards me. I lifted the camera to my eye and waited. She, (I presume a she but I could be wrong) was in no rush and nibbled at the plants along the edge of the barley as she continued to hop in the direction of the still a little fuzzy but excited human. I pushed the shutter on my first shot, fully expecting her to startle and disappear off into the long grass but she kept on coming. The wind has been quite strong today and was at my face so I’m thinking it carried the my (slightly beery) scent and the sound of the shutter away from her. In the end she was no more than 4 or 5 meters away and well within the reach of my 105mm lens.


Realization dawned on her then and a fraction of a second later, she was off.

Still, it goes to show, sometimes you just need to stop, look and listen and the right situation will present it’s self!

Lead in…


And Gone!DSC_5662.jpg

Peace Peeps!