That Little Bit Different


You know what it’s like, same old faces, same old places but every now and then a different opportunity arises and  you get to see things in a whole new light.

Low tide in Bembridge on the Isle of Wight offered me that this morning. I’ve been here a few times and have only shot the lifeboat station from the beach and had no idea of the shelf of rock the station is built on and the covering of life that lies just below the surface.


When I picked up my new lens I treated myself to a polarizing filter and I’ve been scratching my head to its usefulness but this morning in the hard light and reflections it came into its own and I really saw the difference it made.


Manual 365/355.1 The Great Optimist…

This place makes things…dsc_5721It makes happy dogs. I know most dogs are happy whatever the weather but there’s something that just pops when these guys get too the beach…

It kinda works on photographers too!


Needed an early (dark) start to get the mile and a half to Tresaith but it was most definitely worth it!

Peace Peeps!


Manual 365/248 What?!?

“More Seascapes!!!” I hear you cry! DSC_1561-Pano-EditFraid so Peeps, been a lazy, lazy day looking through some of my shots from the last week and having a pano fest! I loved the colour from yesterday morning but my other love is moody skies in black and white, so… I’m indulging myself one last time before I go back to work. I hope you don’t mind!DSC_1567-Pano-EditDSC_1644-Pano-Edit.jpg

I have put, what I consider my best shots from Aber Porth into an album on 500px, take a look and you can see a lot of my other work on this site too. Go look, see! ;o)

Peace peeps! xxx

P.S. Graham is still set to complete his JOGLE tomorrow,an amazing feat! There’s still plenty of time to donate.

Manual 365/237 Take A Seat…


“Once upon a time…” Is good.

“This’ll make you think!” Is better.

The printed word took evolution by the scruff of the neck and whispered into its ear “Come on fella, we’re going to step it up a gear.”

The problem with that is, once something’s printed some think it was and remains true. But the real truth is the world is forever changing and stories are just that, stories.DSC_0319-HDR.jpg… Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/226.5 Respect Where Respect Is Due…

I’ve gone back through todays’ shots and remembered I tried one of my favourites with a twist, my normal 2x2x2x1x1x1 panorama turned into 3×3 stacked. Lightroom wouldn’t merge them in Perspective so had to go cylindrical first and then edit to panorama in Photoshop and I’ve now discovered Boundry Wrap! Great tool! And a note to self, when you’re using the tripod remember to turn Stabilisation back on when you grab the camera (The reason there’s not that much detail in the castle etc.)

But, anyway, tonight’s bonus

Sunset Across PurbeckDSC_8707-Pano-2-Edit.jpgPeace Peeps! x

Manual 365/217 I’ve Developed Bad Habits…

Scuttling off into the distance at the first sign of a decent golden hour is one…


Handheld Panoramas is another….DSC_7871-Pano-EditBut hell, when both shots are less than 10 minutes apart and a couple miles from home, it’s got to be done…

1st is one on one @ 42mm, f/8.0,1/250 sec stacked and cropped looking across the Deverills’ from the A303 at the top of Charnage Hill.

2nd is one on one stacked @ 105mm, f/11, 1/125 sec and then 3x side by side (edited in Photoshop, Lightroom can’t handle the size, it’s a 871mb file in RAW export from Photoshop FFS!) Of my home town, Mere in Wiltshire.

I do have plans to pull away slightly from the landscape, occasionally. But I’m not going to waste the time of year!

And one day I’ll print off full size, that’s going to be interesting! Until then…

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/210 A Gentle Stroll


Is the order of the day for the next two days. Actually, it’s a wander around Celtic Manor belting little white balls with long sticks… There could be a little bit of drinking too. My Stag do was a piss up in Shaftesbury and a face full of hair moose… Long story but they’d run out of whipped cream! (True story)

Anyway, shot today another 2up 3across panorama (I do love ’em) taken during the golden hour from the top of the Wylye By-Pass just off the side of the A303 looking across the Langfords. I’m scheduling the next two blogs but there might be the odd sub-blog or two as well!

See you Sunday!

Peace Peeps! x