Manual 365/340 Thanks! Love, The Cats…

dsc_3242-editI always thought cats could only see in monochrome and a touch of red but, after editing the photo I thought I’d better make sure and what do you know… I was wrong The Google says they see more like this…DSC_3242.JPGWhich is really shitty and gives them no excuse for wrecking the perfectly decorated tree that now adorns our living room. Decorated by Sandie and who would guess that the first thing to get close to knocking it over would be the daft photographer husband trying to get a cat’s eye view from the floor (I’ll be honest, so far the cats have taken no notice of it what so ever…)

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/265 All Hail The Drizzle!

This is my life… I start off with a shot of 1000-year-old oak and it’s offspring but the sky is blown and the composition is, in short, shit. Even my ever supportive daughter, after trying some editing of her own, admits that there’s nothing we can do and I agree. I shrug my shoulders and turn away from the computer and there’s the cat with a foot in each of the winkle pickers I’ve dug out for tomorrow night (Black tie dinner in Lincoln, I’ve even bought a *cumberbund!!!)DSC_5495-Edit.jpgI promise you this was not staged, I nearly grabbed my phone to get the pic but managed to refrain and dial in some pretty drastic settings to get the shot without flash on my D3300, hence the black and white edit! ;o)

*Cumberbund; I have no idea why this is even a thing! The dicky’s bad enough!

Peace Peeps!

PS Only a hundred to go!!!


Manual 365/256.5 There Is No Such Thing…

As a bad photo, I tell my son, who then picks up my camera places the lens 2 inches away from the dull lounge wall with that sly look I know so well playing across his face and clicks the shutter button…

That’s not what I meant! I protest, look at the shot and then admit ok, but sometimes what you think is nothing can become something. When he got up early this morning for his paper round he used my camera to get a few shots of the sunrise, we took a few moments to look and edit these but the one that stood out, the black frame of The Drizz (Our cat, to the uninitiated) in Raw and noisy as buggery! A few moments maxing the exposure and editing in Silver Efex and voila! dsc_4700-editAbstract I know, and the emotional connection could well not be there but for me, a massive lesson in, look closer, and then when you think you’ve seen everything. Look again! And, (I can’t say this strongly enough) shoot RAW!

Below is the SOC filedsc_4700Cameras are mere tools, utilise them, push their limits and then push the buggers that little bit more!

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/209 The Schrödinger / Heisenberg Breakdown

There is a universal rule. It applies anywhere in the known universe (there is a distinct lack of cats and boxes in the rest of the Universe but hey…) If there is a box and a live cat within a specific but unknown area of the universe the the cat will be, with certainty, in the box. so it’s position (in the box) and speed (stopped in the box) can be known, therefore breaking the Uncertainty Principle DSC_7387.jpgAnd judging by the sharpish grumpy look of the bugger I would hazard a guess that he is very much alive too… Sorry Erwin!

This is not science, this is Drizzle maintaining the universe!

Peace Peeps! x