Manual 365 Bonus… Um, Hello…

Here’s a totally random fact that you may choose to take on board:

If you’re ever in a field with cows and you would like to get them all in one place, just lie down and wait, it works every time!DSC_0101.jpgTaking no notice of your surroundings while taking photos of an old dead oak will work too, that I can vouch for!

My Escort!dsc_0077

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/301 Daaad!

dsc_9870But I’ve been told by a great authority (The kids) that I’m doing too many long exposures (this one’s a 10 second tripod shot) / stacking shots of the same spots. Personally, I blame the lack of storms and the stubbornness of the leafs to fall from the trees on their own! And the fact that I’m just a humble photographer who would develop a nervous twitch if I had to walk past something like this and not get a shot….But hey, I’m dad, so what do I know?

Peace Peeps! x