That Little Bit Different


You know what it’s like, same old faces, same old places but every now and then a different opportunity arises and  you get to see things in a whole new light.

Low tide in Bembridge on the Isle of Wight offered me that this morning. I’ve been here a few times and have only shot the lifeboat station from the beach and had no idea of the shelf of rock the station is built on and the covering of life that lies just below the surface.


When I picked up my new lens I treated myself to a polarizing filter and I’ve been scratching my head to its usefulness but this morning in the hard light and reflections it came into its own and I really saw the difference it made.


Footsteps… Ripples

dsc_9261One does not necessarily lead to the other… Unless you’re a T-Rex… And  I can safely say there were no (living) T-Rexes in Weymouth tonight

And on another note, I was going to go on about how much of the world just is, no matter what you do but that’s a bit deep for a Friday night… Night Night Peeps! X

Manual 365/301 Daaad!

dsc_9870But I’ve been told by a great authority (The kids) that I’m doing too many long exposures (this one’s a 10 second tripod shot) / stacking shots of the same spots. Personally, I blame the lack of storms and the stubbornness of the leafs to fall from the trees on their own! And the fact that I’m just a humble photographer who would develop a nervous twitch if I had to walk past something like this and not get a shot….But hey, I’m dad, so what do I know?

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/Sunday Bonus!

Why?, Because I want too, that’s why!

dsc_6862-pano-edit2×3 Panorama of Stourhead Gardens taken this morning and stitched together in Photoshop. I also have a short video of the spot on my Instagram account, just search for focalthingy over there and you get the scenery with sound! Modern tech eh, isn’t it amazing! ;o)

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you laters!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/276 Because I’m Easy…

Oooo, I’m early! Normally Sunday mornings mean lay-in, fuzzy head and carpet mouth… But not this morning, up before 6 and out the door by half past, The Sun came up at just gone seven and I was getting wet feet from the dew in a field next to a misty lake…dsc_6229Challenging settings and to be honest I should have used the tripod, tighter apeture and longer exposures but, on the whole, I got a few shots I like.dsc_6191-pano

dsc_6259dsc_6250-editFonthill Lake, Wiltshire.

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/126 Start, Middle And End…

This morning at Furzton Lake, Milton Keynes

The WillowDSC_0004.jpg

This afternoon just outside Horsham

A Different Kind Of GreenDSC_0018.jpg

And early evening in the New Forest

She Blinked!DSC_0027.jpg

And now home with the camera tucked safely away!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/81 Pwew! Pwew! Barney, Mcgrew, Chewciggy, Windmill and Pub!

My name is Hans Salad and I arrived in Milton Keynes via the Degabar (M1) System but unfortunately, due to the rush hour it took 465 parsecs rather than the 12 I’m used to. I’d divert but the Kessel run’s a right bugger at that time of night and it was dark. Chewciggy, my trusted co-pilot managed to capture some long exposures of our attack on the Death Spud that has been threatening to annihilate The Keynes and cause up to £3.50’s worth of improvements, I can safely say that said Death Spud is now fully waffled!


As a reward for our bravery Prince Lypo allowed us to lodge at his Intergalactic Space Windmill / Pub (‘onestly Guv, it’s ‘undreds* of years old, they always used to build ‘em on the top of pubs, all the hot air you see…*tens)
After a satisfying meal of stuffed Tortilla and guockampol… Quackamol…… Salsa. I took a stroll around the glass landing pad and admired the small droids who uttered their admiration of my skill in dealing with the Death Spud using a strange alien quack.


Unfortunately, I think the peace is going to be short lived…

That’s no moon… No, just to the left a bit… Yes, I know, that is the moon but that, there… Oh, it’s Jupiter… My bad!



Peace Peeps! x