Winter’s Going…

DSC_0017-EditAnd I can genuinely say that I’m going to miss it… A bit. Now, I’ll admit that February’s been a bit of a dull one but on the whole, this winter has been amazing (apart for the lack of snow but, hey, you can’t have everything), from misty crisp mornings to stormy rolling skies it’s had pretty much everything… Apart from the snow… DSC_0055-Edit.jpgBut now, the Daffs are in full swing, the trees are starting to bud and I’ve been neglecting my camera… So Spring… Bring it on! ;o)

Shot this evening in Stourhead Gardens, I still can get over how quiet it is there in the evenings. That’s when the magic happens!


From Fairytale to Horror Story

dsc_8443-pano-editI’m getting lazy!

Problem is, when you’ve got so many wonderful locations just a couple of minutes away, lazy is tooo easy!

dsc_8431-editWell, I’m going to snap out of it! There’s a new month approaching fast and another birthday just over the horizon which will involve a nifty 50 (the lens, not my age, though I’m getting closer!!!) and me trying to develop my photography further. I love landscapes but, and I’ll whisper this, Landscapes are easy! Shhh!

I want to start telling stories and the best way to do that is to become involved and there’s no easier way to become involved than fitting a prime lens and zooming with your feet.

Fun times ahead! ;o)

Manual 365/333 Just Passed The Tonsils!

dsc_2900-2Interesting effects on Ursa Minor when the winds blowing and it’s that brass monkey (Cold) my hands are shaking the tripod rather than holding it still!

A glorious, if bitterly cold, early evening on the White Horse in Westbury, unfortunately I hadn’t wrapped up right and was uncomfortably cold within minutes.

DSC_2901.JPGBut I got the Major and the Minor too!

As for the title,

Sperm 1: How far to the egg?

Sperm 2: I don’t know but I think we’ve still got away to go, we’ve only just passed the tonsils…

Boom Boom Peeps! x

Manual 365/186 There Is a reason for the national past time…

Oh I am so torn at the moment, yes, I would like clear blueness and fluffy clouds but the sagging skies are quite endearing… The rain makes the barley smell like beer too! Almost a win win!


Peace Peeps! x