Manual 365/135 The Bloody Obvious…

The deer was a mistake, interesting but a mistake all the same, so today, a little walk out with the kids and the aptly named…

Orange Tip DSC_0144.jpg

And Bumble Bee

The weather’s been great and the wild garlic makes the woodlands smell like the best kitchen in the world and now I’m back off up Zeals Knoll for the Golden Hour!

Peace peeps! x

Manual 365/62 Bullshite Bulks Blogs!

I’ve invented a new game, it’s called “Tap The Tom Tom®”*  The rules are you scroll out on the screen and tap, where ever the pin lands is where you go and today I’ve been to the Isle Of Grain. Final resting place of Ivan Kratsmananov, the inventor of Tetris…
Ivan unfortunately passed away in 1987, 6 years before Nintendo shamefully exploited his invention and used it to sell 64 million off white, un-backlit, hand held consoles to an unknowing public who were looking forward to playing the Gameboy in bed with the sound down and the lights off… (that could well have just been me)

 His final wish, uttered on his death bed has been translated as “Bury me (on) the (Isle Of) grain…” **

In 2003 Vladimir Putin decided to honour Ivan, every year, on the anniversary of his birth, Russian planes invade UK airspace and drop large replicas of the most unpopular shape from the most popular game ever upon his final resting place as a lasting memento.


The UK government have since spent 3 billion pounds erecting tank defences around the area, just in case.


*Other navigational tools are available (I’ve got a Garmin but Random Grab On The Garmin just don’t sound right)

** There is some controversy over Ivans’ last words, some have translated them as “Get me another Vodka…”


I actually did that with the Garmin and the Isle Of Grain is most definitely on my “revisit when I have more time” list. The shots are SOOC in JPEG with no post (I’m quite scared of how much I miss LR and shooting in RAW to be honest) And I miss the metadata too, I have no idea what the settings were!


Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/21 The Eye Of Sauron… in Aylesbury…

I have already said to myself there are going to be good days and there are going to be bad days… Today was a bad day…. Today was a very very bad day…

Let me start at the beginning:

Up at 4am and as expected, cloud cover. None the less, I get packed up and head off up the hill, maybe it’s just foggy and I could get above it, not a chance, Nothing, not even the ISS, let alone the planets is going to show through the vale of cloud hidden in the darkness and it was very dark, so dark I actually got the hebegebes… Back to the van…

Then it was off to Telford and the browny grey greeness returned, it was dire but not to worry I thought, I’m off to Buckinghamshire for the night and I know there’s quite a bit of fancy architecture, some night street shots maybe and it started well, even thought the shots weren’t that good. some long exposures using a rice filled sock (Thanks Andy) as a tripod and then the eye fell upon me…

“Oi, he’s f**kin’ takin’ photos!” Obviously a shortage of “G”s in Buckin’hamshire and the verbal abuse rained down. I don’t know if it was because I was still wearing my works clothes (All high viz) and they thought I was trying to get pictures of them my last shot was in their direction but most definitely not of them or if it was something else.  But their (There were 5 or 6 of them, I can’t be sure) shouts and demeanour told me that if I was to retort I would probably end up cameraless and in a heap on the floor. So after that deduction I tucked my tail between my legs, walked (I wasn’t going to run) away. There are times to confront and stand your ground but this was most definitely not one of those times. The Eye moved on and I escaped unhindered if not slightly unhinged!

But now I can tick the following off my checklist:

Wanker – Check
Spat At (they were on a pedestrian structure that crosses the Morrisons Car Park, it is quite impressive) – Check
Shat meself – Check and check again!

Absolutely no pictures worth posting so I’m going to post one of the first pictures I took with the camera when new and still one of my favourites…

Finding Ursa Minor Using Orions Belt


Here’s to a better day tomorrow.

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Manual 365/12 Cecils’ Pulpit

DSC_2828 (2)

The Right Honourable Humphry Davis MP (Conservative) was said to have stood on this spot on the 18th of Julember 1983 and uttered the immortal words “I bet I can get on the Board of the bank that’s going to make a shit load of money building this bridge.” 1

A Tribute…

Here’s to Cecil Downton, Dartford Town Council Employee, first and only Le Crossing Champion.

Proud in cap, straight of back. He stood in this place in rain and snow and shine… And rain, bestowing the Promise of Future Dreams® on the next generation to as many as three people per day stood and gazed across 4 lanes of traffic jam.

Cecil retired on the 5th May 2001 and promised to enjoy his final salary pension travelling around Rochester with his wife Meryl. Tragically, Cecil was killed later that afternoon after stumbling in the path of the 3:09 National Express Canterbury to London Service. Dartford Town Council closed the car park and viewing area in 2011 out of respect for Cecil and it has become a place of pilgrimage for dog walkers and dog… gers. The council erected a magnificent hardcode and earth bund across the gateway to protect this valuable heritage site from further damage and erosion in 2012.2

Promise of Future Dreams® is the registered trade mark of M Thatcher 1979-1994, T Blair 1997-2004 and is currently under mediation by a D Cameron / G Osbourne.
Promise of Future Dreams® is licenced for use in the UK and the US in accordance with the Transatlantic Trade Agreement and the Boris / Trump Agreement.
Promise of Future Dreams® is not registered in France, Germany, Spain or God forbid Greece.

1 This is bullshit
2 This is bull shit too
It’s all bullshite!

Oh, and here’s the moon!


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