That Path…


Just a little observation. This is the path from the Cemetery in Mere down towards the Meads. I’ve walked it for the last 40 years (I’m not going into detail because it’ll involve soft pitch between toes,  John Player Blue, fishing, bottles of cider and missing wellie boots, oh, and scary cows!) It’s only just struck me tonight looking at this image I got last night… Why, when paving a path across a field from point A to point B did they decide to put a kink in it?



Well, that was a tad nippy…


It’s not often we get “interesting” weather in these parts but I can safely say that March, 2018 has been…. Interesting.

And apparently we’re in for a white Easter… That’s going to bugger it up for the bunnies!


It’s a hard word and I have no excuses so I won’t bother trying.


Sorry I haven’t been about folks. I do have every intention of including my blog more in my everyday life which I’ll admit has been fairly busy recently (see, the excuses had to start) But, there have been some developments.

I am now one of the founding members of the Mere Photography Collective (aka Meretogs) A small local collection of photographers who will being meeting in the pub and sharing their knowledge, experience and tips over a couple of beers!

I am also honoured to be featured on The Ink Pot Online Gallery a great little charity that enables disadvantaged and upcoming artists to get their work out there. Feel free to fill your carts Peeps! ;o)

And also, still taking photos… And that’s the important bit! ;O0


Peace you beautiful people! xxx

Port Out, Starboard Home!

Sometimes I hit the convert to black an white button way to quickly…DSC_9261-EditYou can see how I nearly passed over this great shot from Weymouth in February on my Instagram account

I’ll admit, in the original shot the orange hue from the streetlights dominated and that instantly screamed black and white to me but after reviewing it today and involving individual colour desaturation in my workflow this edit works so much better. I also like the motion blur in the people (0.8sec shutter speed) and the grain from ISO 800 on my cropped sensor D3300! All good! ;o)

Manual 365/353 Salty…

A moment of solidarity, co-ordination between father and son and 15 seconds of magic that will remain with us forever…dsc_5519

“It looks like you’re both peeing…” was the critique from Kayleigh…

We weren’t but the damage is done, this will forever be known as the peeing photo. In the mean time, this won’t be there tomorrow.


“Every little bit helps!” said the old lady pissing into the sea!

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/338 Don’t Mention Ophiuchus…


Moon conjunct Venus Because this aspect aligns two “yin” energies, it’s not one of those aspects that defines a person, but the characteristics are there, even if they’re in hiding! Every conjunction is modified by any planets that aspect it, and with Moon-Venus, perhaps even more so, as both the Moon and Venus are receptive energies and easily modified……..”

Oh, please do be quiet and just enjoy the reflected photons! Mars is at 10 o’clock too. Shot in Stourhead gardens this evening, a “over and under” Panorama of two 15 sec exposures.

If you really want to see the source of the quoted passage you can find it here

Ok, I’m kidding and I’ve never realised how much Carl Sagan sounded like Agent Smith from The Matrix… As for the quote, just Google Horoscope bullshite!

Peace Peeps! x