Time for a new project methinks.

Spring in the UK has well and truly sprung and we’ve all been treated to a beautiful May but (there’s always a but) bright sunny days, while great for the mood, can be a bit… A bit, well “meh!” for the photographer. I know there’s misty mornings and soft sunrises but they’re now approaching silly o’clock and I don’t do that time often… (I am better than I used to be though) But I digress…

Now that the trees are in full leaf and the hedgerows and woods have moved passed the Bluebell phase I’ve notices there are beautiful little pockets of light and occasionally a subject. It could be for a fraction of a second or maybe a minute or two but very quickly the wind will change or the sun will move and then it’s gone.


My job, as I’ve chosen to accept it, over the next few weeks will be to try and capture as many of the moments as I can. It might be a flower. It might be a field mouse (That’s a lot of wishful thinking) but I’ll do my best to get the shot, and foremost, get the shot right…


Todays shots, Forget-Me-Nots (they might not be but they’re small and they’re blue so they are…) in a small copse on the side of the A36 south of Salisbury.

Note to self: if you’re going to shoot flowers at least know they’re names… Heartless B*stard!


Mind The Gap…


Platforms, my oh my how many platforms?

There’s the obvious; WordPress , It would have just been rude for me not to put this first even though my hit rate here is lowest and I really need to get my website (same platform) updated and refreshed if you’re wondering.

Facebook, obvious too but their pages feature just feels like a cash cow, eleven quid to “boost” my posts to half the people who follow me anyway, don’t get me wrong, my personal page, great… ish but eleven quid? Come on! I worked for those followers and now you’re monetising them??? That’s my frickin’ job! (Love you followers, really do and you don’t have to buy a print… yet)

Twitter… Come on Twitter, admit it, you don’t like photographers do you, or is that just me being paranoid?

Maybe, I’m being a little too harsh, a little too short minded. If I’d have taken up photography thirty years ago I’d have a couple of albums of pretty pictures stuffed, forgotten in the back of a cupboard somewhere and a dusty old camera sat looking a bit downhearted in the loft, so now I’m going to try and be a little bit more optimistic…

Instagram…  Now we’re getting somewhere. Reactive, responsive and (at the moment) quite subtle with the adds and restricting views (Unless you go Instagram for business… for crying out loud Facebook!) There’s a difference with Instagram though, a more tactile feel to the place a more honest feeling. It might just be me and I know that you do get the followers asking you to pay $25.00 for 10,000 followers and they’ve only got 12 followers themselves… Never been able to work that one out… But, from my experiences, I’ve met people who I would never had through my posts on Instagram, gained insights and inspiration from a fleeting glance of a wonderful photograph and, because I follow the people I do, get to see familiar places with a different eye… That’s invaluable! And, I’m off to my first Instmeet in a couple of weeks at Lacock, which I’m really looking forward to.

See, real, tactile people! I’ll be sure to post a few here… #loveyouwordpress

I’d be awful to not mention a few of the old school and some new kids because they have helped me in their own special ways… Flickr, 500px, Ello and Vero… Or, just Google Focal Thingy… I do, often! ;o)

Oh, and the photo’s one from Lacock a couple of weeks ago. The light in this place is phonominal!

The Lattice Window…


I expect it’s been done a million times and I think I’m fresh and taking a different aspect on the matter but, when it comes down to it, this is the holy grail of photography and my first time there, so indulge me!

Henry Fox Talbot… Cheers Fella!

I’d like to think that he’d be proud of where we are today and the fact that Lacock Abbey is magnet for photographers. DSC_2152-PanoAnd the volunteers for the National Trust recognise this… Or I hope they do. The light throughout the Abbey was phonominal!



I doubt If I’ve done Henry Justice but he’s dead and doesn’t care but please, if you give a tiny hoot about photography add the Abbey to your bucket list!

And for the record, my shot and don’t f**k with the shot shot is… DSC_2176

I’ll let you guys come to your own conclusions….



Well I never….

So, this is getting real. It’s less than a week until my next photography exhibition. The prints are done and ready and there’s no going back… I can’t wait (Ok, ok, I know, it’s just me showing off but hey, photography still rocks!)


And here’s a thought I’m going to leave you with, the small cluster of stars in the top of this image are The Seven Sisters, Pleiades (and not Ursa Minor as I’ve thought over the last 45 years… That’s embarrassing) and they’re 444.2 light years away which means that the photons I’ve captured in this image left the source 120 years before Stourhead was even imagined… that’s mindblowing!

The print should be in situ within the next few days and I’ll post here and on my Instagram account to keep you up to date @focalthingy if you’re not already there.


Manual 365/336 Slim Pickings!


It might look very nice at this time of year but under the frosting and clear blue skies the struggle is just beginning for those who don’t shop at Tescos and haven’t got a nice warm radiator to cuddle up to. And, I know I’m anthropomorphising, but I’m positive this Kestrel gave me a shitty look as it perched in a tree (less energy than hovering) scanning the undergrowth for dinner and soaking up the little bit of warmth from the near set sun, then I pull up and start fuffing, farting and f*cking about with exposure compensations (+2 stops to get the detail in the bird against a brighter sky)  I only managed to get the one shot before it had had enough and buggered off but one’s better than nothing! ;o)

Peace Peeps!x

Manual 365/330 Please leave a message after the beep…

I am currently away from my blog but on my return, I will respond by posting pics from the next (last) couple of days rather than just trawling through my rather extensive catalogue of previous shots for example,  here’s some light pollution from the summer!dsc_8485-edit

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/294 Trippin!

Everyone loves a sunset, even though it happens every day a decent one can stop you in your tracks, I’ve taken hundreds of photos but now I’m getting really savvy, the secret is, enjoy the sunset, take the photos, curse yourself for the blown out sky or pools of deeper than deep shadows that no one’s going to be able to recover. Then turn around…raw

The sky paints your surroundings…

Now for the techy bit; 24 three second tripod exposures in quick succession stacked in photoshop and blended using the mean tool, saved back to lightroom and some minor adjustments to shadows, highlights and sharpening etc. It was looking very blue so I chose a custom white balance using the pipet tool on the base of the monument and a very slight tweak to red saturation to bring out the subtle red colour of the sky reflected in the monument itself.

And now a confession, this shot of the 43rd Wessex Memorial situated about 2 hundred meters from where I’m typing this was taken last night but I’ve only just got around to finish editing so Pff!

Peace Peeps!