35×35 #shroomporn

I am not going to google that…


pareidolia. /ˌpæraɪˈdəʊlɪə/

noun. 1. the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in little mushroom dicks…

adjective, once seen, can’t be unseen…

Manual 365/343 Mute Threat

dsc_3359-editHe wasn’t that happy but he managed to maintain his composure and this photographer didn’t push his luck too much!

I’ve really tried to get texture into my shots today and I think I’ve managed it. with the grumpy swan and with the Wylye Troll…dsc_3388-editAperture wide open at full tilt (105mm) and it was the middle of the day (lunch break) so the light wasn’t brilliant so ISO400. I am starting to notice the noise in some of my edits, you can reduce it in Lightroom but it’s always there. And if the troll is making your head hurt it’s a fallen tree half submerged in the deep and calm River Wylye and then rotated 90 degrees…

Messing with your mind Peeps! ;o) xxx

Manual 365/329 The Flying Ninja Beenie Wearing Angry Frog!

Ok, I’ve got Man Flu and could well be hallucinating, you know. near death experiences can do that to you and it might be a bit a pareidolia stretch but look closely, you’ll see it eventually..dsc_2449.

That said, respect to the guys that throw this brick through the sky and even more respect to the guys and girls who clamber into the back of it on manoeuvres across Salisbury Plain.dsc_2443And the Load Master, giving me the thumbs up… or the Bird from the side door (My shutter speed was a tad slow so the photo’s not as clear as I’d like) …. I do hope it’s the latter, A Bird From The Brick! Perfect!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/273 Meet Frank…

dsc_6059-editWhat do you do when you need a pareidolia fix, you need to find a tree, the older and gnarlier the better so the (said to be) 1000-year-old Judge Wyndham Oak in Silton will more than suffice, complete with walking stick.

In my mind he’s trudging off, stage left, grumpy that before 1654 when the pesky puritan, Oliver Cromwell, appointed Sir Hugh Wyndham as a judge and then proceeded to work him so hard that he had to buy an estate just outside Gillingham so that he could “rest” under the bows of the tree previously known as Frank.

Frank really liked that name, hence the 350 year huff!

He’s expected to be stood in the corner of the field, sulking in 2476…. I’m with you all the way Frank! (maybe)

Peace Peeps! x