Manual 365/81 Pwew! Pwew! Barney, Mcgrew, Chewciggy, Windmill and Pub!

My name is Hans Salad and I arrived in Milton Keynes via the Degabar (M1) System but unfortunately, due to the rush hour it took 465 parsecs rather than the 12 I’m used to. I’d divert but the Kessel run’s a right bugger at that time of night and it was dark. Chewciggy, my trusted co-pilot managed to capture some long exposures of our attack on the Death Spud that has been threatening to annihilate The Keynes and cause up to £3.50’s worth of improvements, I can safely say that said Death Spud is now fully waffled!


As a reward for our bravery Prince Lypo allowed us to lodge at his Intergalactic Space Windmill / Pub (‘onestly Guv, it’s ‘undreds* of years old, they always used to build ‘em on the top of pubs, all the hot air you see…*tens)
After a satisfying meal of stuffed Tortilla and guockampol… Quackamol…… Salsa. I took a stroll around the glass landing pad and admired the small droids who uttered their admiration of my skill in dealing with the Death Spud using a strange alien quack.


Unfortunately, I think the peace is going to be short lived…

That’s no moon… No, just to the left a bit… Yes, I know, that is the moon but that, there… Oh, it’s Jupiter… My bad!



Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/68 There’s No Such Thing As A Fish

The Ellesmere Port Man O Beer; Native to the industrial town on the banks of the River Mersey. First Observed and named  in 1923 by Dr Reginald Krippen. The creature was studied in detail by the University of Birkenhead for many years but unfortunately the colony in the Mersey disappeared in 1968 and its whereabouts was unknown for 30 years. In 1998 a lone specimen was found in the inlet of the Cralesbeug Lager Brewery Co-Oprative and due to the unique DNA….

…Ok, that’s it… Enough!

My beer looks like a Jelly fish…



And I’m really exploiting the tripod, iPhone light and long exposure!

It’s been a long day!
Peace Peeps! X

Manual 365/59 Lamb Bacon

Honestly, Lamb Bacon is a thing and I’ll show you a little bit later. First with the photography bit, had a bit of a tour around North Dorset.

We started at Compton Abbas airfield near Shaftesbury for a drink and some shots of the planes, it wasn’t too busy and I would love a longer lens and the Tiger Moth to be flying, you never know, one of my Manual missions might be going up in the thing!

DSC_815055mm @ f/5.6, 1/3200sec, ISO 100

Then off to Sturminster Newton Mill Pond for some long exposures of the weir. Most of the shots were blown because of the light. I did also use a cheap polarising filter. Even in LR it was hard to drag any type of detail out of the moving water. The best I could do was this:

DSC_8216.jpg18mm @ f/22 (The highest aperture my stock lens will go on this length), 1 sec, ISO 100

The water flow over the weir was quite substantial and so was the spray. I’ll revisit in the summer when the flow might be a little less.

And eventually we got to New Lake, Gasper By the time we arrived the sun had set and the light was low enough to get in to the multiple seconds rather than the 1 or bits of one and this happened…

DSC_8257.jpg22mm @ f/22, 6 sec, ISO 100

I realise that both long exposure shots are cropped quite close in and I’m hoping this might change when I upgrade my lenses and improve my skill!

As for the Lamb Bacon…


This better be a thing!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and here’s to a short week!

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Peace Peeps!


Manual 365/50 A Lad Steps Up To A Bar…

And his Old Man makes him wait 15 seconds while he paints him with light.
Strange request I know but that’s what my son and I have just been up to.

A good friend and work colleague has donated a tripod to the 365 cause so now I’m going to fill the blogs with long exposures and fluffy waterfalls!

My first expedition was to a fly over just behind us with really badly placed bars.


I set the camera up on the tripod and got Reece to stand in position and shine a light on his face so I could focus on him (Using Back Button Focus I might add!) and then recomposed with him to the left of the shot. We then waited for some traffic and I hit the button. During the exposure I used the light on the back of my iPhone to “paint” Reece for a duration of two or three seconds.

Full settings were: focal length 28mm, Aperture f/8, Exposure 15 sec and ISO 100
I know it’s not perfect but I’m really pleased with it.

Any pointers in the right direction would be welcome!

Thanks to, Reece for traipsing across the mud to aid his father in his mission. Gary for the tripod and to the perplexed drivers on the A303 who were probably wondering what the hell was going on!

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Peace Peeps!