It’s the simple things…


Like hovering 50ft above the water to get a shot of a lonesome little fishing boat… All you need is a 5,000 tonne ferry and some fine weather.


The Sandbox…

Things happen for a reason… Nope, things happen because of external forces exerted, or not, upon them and things, for good or for bad, just happen.

Take this evening for example, I had already decided that I wanted to try again with the Alum Bay cliffs and I wanted to do it during Blue Hour, the light’s low and defused and I was thinking the natural colours of the chalk would look great and sure enough, they did…


I’m not even going to talk about the sunset images I managed to delete by accident, just share the one that remained.

DSC_5236.jpgThe fact I would have spent more time on them and probably passed over this image is immaterial… Honestly…

I need a challenge….


I’ve just got to work out what the hell it’s going to be. I can’t believe that it’s fast approaching the anniversary of the final manual 365 post and, while I’ve been complacent in my blog posts, I’ve still been pushing myself with my camera. I’m still learning, still improving and yes, it’s for you. But first and foremost, it’s for me.  Shall we see where this is going to take us?


I am so sat here with “writers block” I have been for the last couple of months. I’ve taken all I’ve learnt in regards to photography and battered the buggery out of it but I have neglected all that I learnt from posting every day and delving into that dull grey matter that is my frontal cortex to come up with some bullshite to accompany a pretty (and, on the whole they were pretty) picture.

I am, and I’ll fully admit it, lazy. I can and do post to Facebook and get a couple of likes, I’ll post to Instagram and get a couple tenfold, (Twitter’s a sod but I’ll keep trying)  but that’s just a fleeting image, forgotten tomorrow, forgotten in a minute.

The blog on the other hand, while not satisfying my social media cravings, does require some kind of thinking further than editing in Lightroom (Ok, I know there are those who would edit the funk out of this #removethetext) But I need to say that my journey is continuing…. And getting better….

And, to those who are here, to those that have been here, I thank you.

The Flick


For Roland and his family

Purple Hour…

DSC_1376.jpgWell, I say hour, it was more like 30 seconds so this was the best I could do… And for the doubters among you… Here’s the file SOC…

DSC_1376-2.jpgI shoot RAW so I do need to edit in Lightroom but honestly, I’ve never seen light like this before. We do have an Ex hurricane on it’s way (hence me up Stourhead before the trees get stripped of all their leaves) and the weather was, to be honest, unseasonable due to the weather system dragging warm weather up from Spain. Tomorrow should be interesting! ;o)