Manual 365/213.5 The Motorway Footpath

A group of lads cycling across the Severn Bridge asked the hung over photographer to get a shot of them with their phones so he took the opportunity to get a panorama too. Cheers Fellas!DSC_7564-Pano-Edit.jpgPeace Peeps!

Manual 365/213 The 19th Hole….

Has given me a very, very, very fuzzy head.DSC_7522-PanoBut I’m not complaining.

A great weekend has been spent fluffing shots, loosing balls and drinking way too much beer! Celtic Manor is amazing and the Third on the Montgomerie Course is the prettiest hole I’ve ever played.DSC_7477.jpgAnd the view across the 2010 is a little bit special too!DSC_7488-Pano.jpgAnyway, this blog is dedicated to Mr and soon to be Mrs Huntington, thanks for the opportunity to hack my way around a great course, twice! And the other 8 pissheads and not forgetting Goldie and his Archers and lemonade…

Also, here’s to toughened safety glass in the club house!


Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/212 Strange Find…

The scheduled post didn’t post yesterday and I’ve got me first duck day! ;o(

So here it is anyway and todays will be along in few minutes…

I’ve said in the past how much more you notice when you’re forever looking for photos, take the other day for example. There’s a bridge over a river and in that river, wedged up against the bridge is a tree, not a stick or a log it’s a fricking tree. Uprooted and moved by the power of the water from a long forgotten storm and now it resides, dead, against this bridge. But that’s not the shot. Upon this tree, just perched there, are a multitude of items. I’m talking screwdrivers, batteries, silver spoons and… Bullet cases. Lots and lots of bullet cases… And these…

DSC_6776I have no idea how long they’ve been in there or from where they came but they have been returned to the deep.


Back tomorrow! (In a bit)

Peace peeps!x


Manual 365/210 A Gentle Stroll


Is the order of the day for the next two days. Actually, it’s a wander around Celtic Manor belting little white balls with long sticks… There could be a little bit of drinking too. My Stag do was a piss up in Shaftesbury and a face full of hair moose… Long story but they’d run out of whipped cream! (True story)

Anyway, shot today another 2up 3across panorama (I do love ’em) taken during the golden hour from the top of the Wylye By-Pass just off the side of the A303 looking across the Langfords. I’m scheduling the next two blogs but there might be the odd sub-blog or two as well!

See you Sunday!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/209 The Schrödinger / Heisenberg Breakdown

There is a universal rule. It applies anywhere in the known universe (there is a distinct lack of cats and boxes in the rest of the Universe but hey…) If there is a box and a live cat within a specific but unknown area of the universe the the cat will be, with certainty, in the box. so it’s position (in the box) and speed (stopped in the box) can be known, therefore breaking the Uncertainty Principle DSC_7387.jpgAnd judging by the sharpish grumpy look of the bugger I would hazard a guess that he is very much alive too… Sorry Erwin!

This is not science, this is Drizzle maintaining the universe!

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/206 Plagiarism

DSC_7047-Edit.jpgArt imitating beauty or beauty intimidating art?

I have no idea… I’m just a photographer cataloging moments! ;o)


Whenever I shoot other peoples work I always feel like I’m cheating, all those hours and hours of effort and I catch it in a 320th of a second. I will always be in awe and always respect and always, always thank you!

Upfest, You were spectacular!  Thank you!x


Peace Peeps! xxx