Manual 365/91 More Rama

I could add a “D” but I won’t… So “Pano” it is then!


Revisit to Birdlip this afternoon and 5 shots blended using Photoshop and edited in Lightroom and a mahoosive 45.5mb of image. I can’t help feel that I need more sky in it though… And it needs to be printed!

And to all my work colleagues who got a card thrust into their hands earlier… Hello, you are obligated to click all the links below! And unfortunately Quedgeley is just off to the left.





I also have new glass so Focalthingys… um… focalthingy now stretches from 18 to 300mm… My oh my, what fun* am I going to have with that?

DSC_0450-Edit.jpg300mm @ f/13, 1/10sec. ISO100

*long distance photos of churches**

**That’s just weird!


Peace Peeps and thanks Grandad! x





Manual 365/90 Context…


Snatched a bag? Running for a train? Or dancing in the street?

A moment captured can tell a million stories but there can only be one truth and that truth is fundamental.

He was dancing, having a whale of a time and I’m sure the smile that once would have played across his face is there, just blurred by age and effort but I’m with you Fella! I remember what it felt like but you, you lived it!


Thanks again Portugal for getting me out of a tight spot… (Todays limited shots were awful) these shots were taken at the Loulé Carnival back in February.

Peace Peeps! x



Manual 365/89 Paper…

Draw a line on a piece of paper, now draw something different and don’t stop. You could solve the universe with a pencil and a sheet of paper.


And math… Quite a lot of math!

Thanks to Sam and the staff down at the MFA 10 Pin Bowling  in Yeovil for letting me have a bit of a mooch around the back of the bowling lanes. Unfortunately it didn’t look anything like the door scene in Monsters Inc. and none of the shots were up to scratch. My Bad!

Todays shot was taken back in Feb in Portugal and edited in Silver Efex Pro 2, part of the Nik Collection I mentioned… Repeatedly… in last nights blog.

Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/88 HDR? Don’t Mind If I Do Nik, Thanks!

Occasionally things drop into your lap for free, sometimes you’ve got to go hunting but every now and then The Lucky Kipper slaps you right in the face. Take yesterday for example. The drive to the shoot on the Severn Estuary took just over an hour so I fired up my trusty iPhone and started listening to my usual podcasts, one of which being the PetaPixel Photography Podcast with Sharky James and he happened to mention that the Google owned Nik Collection is now free to download. It used to cost $500 (about 350 quids) but Google are now giving it away.

Well, I thought, this is too good to miss so when I got back last night I downloaded the software and started watching a few videos on you tube to get a general idea of the beast.

And what a beast it is. Have a look here for more information. But the one thing that really stood out was the HDR Efex Pro2 and so todays mission was born…

Now, where does an old Heathen like me go to launch his HDR journey?


Yup, St Michael’s Church in Mere. Godless I may be but I do appreciate the beauty and heritage contained within our churches, cathedrals and abbeys and St Michael’s is a particularly impressive church (I am bias).

The photo itself is a amalgamation of  10 different shots, from

1/125th secDSC_0291

Through to 3 secDSC_0300

Apart from the shutter speed the other settings were: 18mm @ f/6.3, ISO100

And then Nik did their stuff! I am well impressed! And that’s just one of the applications.


Same settings on this shot through 5 shots and a built in pre-set used to bring out the textures in the stone.

Really, I can’t say this enough but if you use Lightroom, Photoshop or Aperture this free plug in is too good to miss!

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Not affiliated to Google in any way at all… Honestly!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/87 Pennies For The Ferryman…

DSC_0185.jpg 20mm @ f/5.6, 1/320th sec, ISO100

Rather than the £13.50 it costs to use them new fangled bridge things!

A trip to the Severn Estuary and a slightly sucky tramp across marshland to the old ferry crossing. The mud was a tad disconcerting and got absolutely everywhere but the weather offered some interesting skies and engineering, both old and new, offered their own aspect to the shots.


And Universal Engineering offered the best of all!  DSC_0265.jpg

Peace Peeps! x



Manual 365/86 Blame The Lanisters…

Before Wednesday this week I have never watched an episode of Game Of Thrones, mainly for the reason it would take hours and hours to catch up. I binged watched Breaking Bad end to end and I still wake in the middle of the night in a cold sweat because I can’t find my Walter Whities!… But alas, we are now one episode away from being completely up to date and my dreams have gone from ill fitting Y-fronts to don’t trust any bugger! And it’s going to snow tomorrow, featuring me with the biggest beard ever! Knock on effect is… It was dark when I eventually got out but I think it’s quite apt.


Peeps in pieces! x

Manual 365/10,000 Sub Post

Just a quickie, I took my 10,000th photo with my trusty Nikon D3300 yesterday and feel that it deserves a bit of a show. I turned 180º from where I got yesterdays panorama and tilted the camera to accentuate the slope.DSC_0001.jpg
18mm @ f/8.0, 1/250th sec, ISO 100

Contrast, clarity and graduated filter added in post. A simple picture but to be honest; one of my favourites.

Normal service resumes later!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/85 Just A Mere Panoramic

Untitled_Panorama1.jpg55mm @ f/8.0, 1/320 sec ISO 100

My first effort at merging photos using Photoshop. A composition of 4 photos taken from the top of Mere Down this afternoon. The camera does have a built in easy panorama function but merging all four RAW files brings in so much more detail and that detail is bought across into the Jpeg conversion. Most of my exports are around the 9-10mb this one tops 33mb! I have bought down and added some blue to the sky in Lightroom.

You can see the photo in more detail on my Flickr feed

Bit brief and techy today. Soz!

Peace Peeps! x



Manual 365/84 Never Underestimate The Power Of The Old…

Admittedly some will just die and rot. DSC_9892.jpg
But there are others who will show the rest the way!DSC_9913.jpg


The Ancient Oaks Of Windsor Great Park

I once heard a story that the reason there’s not a great deal of really old oak trees in the south of England was because of the Tudor Navy, commissioned by Henry VIII . The wood requirement to build the forbearer of the Royal Navy was so great that any straight, mature oak in the Kingdom became the property of The Crown and swiftly turned into planks. Unless they were growing within the hunting grounds, estates or gardens of the then great and good (rich). Hence the number you can spot around Windsor, Marlborough and the like. How true this is I would love to know.

I love the fact that the first tree I’ve seen really putting some effort into spring is an Old English Oak! Long may the Old Bugger burst forth and I’ll make this promise. I will collect an acorn from him in the autumn and that acorn will be planted, nurtured and established. where I know not, but somewhere poignant to me and maybe in 500 years his offspring will be bursting forth and showing the rest the way!




Or, if you fancy, email me

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/83 Aldwincle… Twinned with Tiddleywink, Wiltshire (Twinnings that never happened)

When you’re on a mission with a camera to hand it’s never a dull day…

Actually, let me be really honest… It is the normal humdrum day but with built in purpose and the potential to be great and any day you visit Aldwincle is a great day !

It was getting late and my final destination was always going to be hard to hit. A broken down lorry on the M1 sealed the deal and my final today became my first tomorrow and in doing so enabled me to stop, Take a step off the A605 and stumble across Thorpe Waterville (A promising name) but alas, the grey skies and dying light were against me and all of the water fowl was just out of reach of my (soon to be rectified) 55mm lens.

The recent floods have left their mark but it was noticeable that the reeds had stood up to the barrage these two things provided todays shots.

After The Flood


Reed Bed


I did have a good mooch about and I’m sure this place will offer up some great pictures with a better lens and sky!
And then I met Janet, a local Lady out on her bike with a Canon strap hanging over her basket… Another Photographer!  The conversation turned to ISO within 30 seconds and I recognised the enthusiasm immediately.  And of course, this qualified for a card so Janet, I hope that you’ve taken a look, I would love to see your work and I was being honest about the swallow! (That little black dot)


As for the rest of you… All roads lead Aldwincle via Piddletrenthide, Tiddleywink, Twatt, and Slough…. All real places and now on my list (Citation required for Slough).
Peace Peeps! x