52 Faces #4 Four Score Years And Ten

DSC_0564Meet Ernest. Ernest has always been known by most as Ernie and next week he will be 90 years old. Ernest lives on his own, eats 3 square meals a day and can, at times, be a cantankerous old sod. Ernest, is by his admission, one of the best drivers in the world and regularly proves this by driving to Tescos and back without killing anyone.

Like I said, most know him as Ernie, I on the other hand, know him as Grandad.

And, just for the record, negotiations are ongoing with regards to the car…

Happy birthday Grandad… (The scooter is coming that I can promise)



52 Faces… Charlotte


Landscapes are easy, they just present themselves and I wait for the light or lack of… So technically the sun, moon, clouds are in charge and I just stand there like a numpty with a camera…

People on the other hand, the photographer might think they’re in control, they’re not. It’s all about the model. I’m just a numpty with the camera… Thank you again Charlotte (I think I’ve said that way too much over the last week) Points noted and lessons learnt!


52 Faces… Kickin’ up sand Bro!

DSC_8594.jpgHe says as he slinks away into week two of this year… I could make excuses like I’m in holiday mode or I’ve been learning dodge and burn or is that burn and dodge (photoshop Nerds’ll know and I really have!) but the honest answer is…

I’m scared… Portraiture is such a huge step, don’t get me wrong. I think, with lots of effort (that’s the hard bit) and lots of mistakes I can make it work but I don’t just want to take snapshots, I want to… I have no idea… But I do, I want to feel as natural taking a portrait as I do taking a landscape. So many people have helped me in my journey so far (thank you Tanya, Jess, Nigel, Kiran, Sandie, Kayleigh and Reece)

People are amazing, people are weird, people are people and I want to capture that…

Right, gloves off and it should’t hurt… Too much.

Strela Delivery: Salrei, Twas the week before Christmas… #beer


More Beer!


Faces of Boa #4

A little trip out around the south of the island yesterday took us to Pavoacao Velha in the shadow of one of the islands extinct volcanos. A small but vivid glimpse of life on the island now and back into its past. If you take a look at the timeline of the Island you can see that the population has exploded over the last 15 years with the establishment of hotels and a tourist industry. Kind of makes you wonder what the actual Boa Vestians think about it….

I do know that the current residents of Pavoacao Velha have one hell of a party planned today and I’d like to wish them, and the rest of you a very merry Christmas! #peace #nostress 

Faces Of Boa #3

A great night spent at Morabeza Beach Bar. Drinks, drums and fire eaters. The sunset wasn’t a thing but to be honest, that didn’t matter. 

And I’m really terrible at getting the names of my subjects! I have messaged the bar to see if they can help me out so I could well update this post later.

Many thanks to the staff at the Morabeza Bar the African dancers, Casadimansa and the guys in the shop who helps me choose a shirt and made my obligatory wrist band! 


dsc_8636Well, I can safely say I am well out of my comfort zone, 12 months plus of muscle memory reaching for the zoom ring twitching every time I pick up the camera. A DoF so shallow that a knats eye would be sharp but his arse would be bokeh’d to buggery! And all of my shots were shite, all of them… Apart from this one. My son, Reece, just off to Cadets. f/1.8, 1/125th sec ISO3200…..  Hats off to my D3300, at that ISO I would expect the noise to be phenomenal but it’s not that bad, if anything it’s added softness to the background bokeh.

Ok, I’ll admit, I was tempted to reach back into my bag for my dummy (18-105mm) but if I can get at least one shot a day like this with my 35mm I’ll be happy and things sure are going to get interesting! ;o)

Manual 365/277 Altruism…

Not to be confused with philanthropy, most acts of kindness will not involve coin!

DSC_6350-Edit-2-Edit.jpgNigel, a source of inspiration,  advice, technique and a “in a heartbeat” lender of a softbox and flash stand. This shot was the first ever taken with a complicated flash set up. Tomorrow I’m jumping in the deep end! Cheers for the kit and advice Fella!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/234 Confidence…

Confidence is a strange thing, the one thing that I’m not confident about is managing a situation where I’m trying to get a shot of someone under my direction and getting the shot right and I know that’s something, if I want to take this to another level, I need to master. This weekend has enabled me to take a step in the right direction.

Simon on Friday and a shot out of the blue. Freddy, yesterday which, while planned and unpredictable was still amazing and then today…

DSC_0081.jpgJess wanted some shots for her massaging business and after some stumbling, it worked! And Jess was kind enough to let me indulge in some  portrait shots afterwards.

DSC_0132-2.jpgBut alas, work follows pleasure… (actually it proceeded it but I’m not one for being pedantic…) DSC_0068-Edit-2.jpgDSC_0026-Edit.jpg

Jessie and Kiran, you’ve both boosted my confidence well beyond my expectations, and for that I thank you!

And for the rest of you, expect to see lots and lots of other people here in the future…

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/161 Flashing The Wife…

The one technique I haven’t got to grip with is portrait. To be honest it’s intimidating and to involve a off camera flash adds to the difficulty. But, it’s going to be something I’m going to try harder at over the coming months and I needed to start somewhere…

Cue my beautiful, long suffering wife, her gorgeous new hair do and walk around Stourhead in the evening…DSC_1539.jpg

The flash was bloody hard work to be honest, even with the soft box. One shot too much and the next not enough but hey, it was a lovely walk and all practice helps.


DSC_1522-Edit-EditDSC_1526Love you Dear and Peace Peeps! x