Manual 365/30 The Little Shop Of “Funky Junk!”

A wonderful lazy Saturday, nearly a lay in, fried egg sandwich and then chill while discovering I think I’ve got enough to set up a small portfolio, I’ll post a link here eventually.

I’d arranged to go to a friends shop today, so me, being me, turned up just as they were closing but Jane, being the diamond she always is allowed me to have a bit of a mooch about. I’ll be honest, walking in and expecting to get some shots on the hoof was the wrong way of doing it. I think I should have a bit of a scout and then, with Jane’s permission maybe set up some Still Life situations, maybe recreating a famous work of art or something! They have absolutely loads of curiosities, trinkets and (Their words) Vintage Funky Junk! Which are changing weekly. Jane is on Twitter and Instagram where you can find pictures of some of their things. And their shop, “This And That” is here.

So, for the time being, these are the best shots I got today:

DSC_4118 (2).JPG


DSC_4127 (2)


And after all that hard work not trying to knock anything over or break lots of things, it was time for a pint.


(Trying out my new polarising filter)

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Thanks again to Jane and Joe, your support really means a lot! xxx

Early start tomorrow and lots of stone and maybe some fossils!