Woodpecker Lodge


I have to admit, this is one of my favourite pictures I have taken to date. It is of a sad dead tree, destined never to reach the heights of the surrounding trees. But, even in death it still provides for countless insects, fungi’s and organisms which in turn are feeding birds of many varieties. Most notably Woodpeckers which have also made it home.

I’m sure that in a few years time a storm or natural decay will cause it to fall and eventually it will be reabsorbed into the woodland floor. I hope it’s not to soon though, I would love to spend some time trying to capture some shots of its residents.


In The Bleak Mid-winter….

This is hard work, the days are so dark and miserable that I think the best photographer would struggle to get any good shots so I have absolutely no hope! I know it won’t be long coming but I’m so looking forward to the Spring, that said the weather here’s been so mild and damp that many of the flowers are appearing early. I’ve seen rows of Daffodils and a few clumps of Primrose already and a few days ago when on a bit of a ramble I was lucky to stumble across some Cow Parsley in full bloom; it was covered in Horseflys enjoying an unexpected meal of nectar and pollen.
I am so fortunate to live in the area I do, I am surrounded by a spectacular variety of different country side settings from rolling Downland to deep dark forests, small country hamlets to larger historic towns, dripping in history and ancient architecture. Oh how I yearn for the better light!