52 Faces, We Are Stardust… But, bloody hell!


Art is subjective, you can love it, hate it or even a bit Meh! It’s completely up to you and that is the great thing about art… Street furniture on the other hand is a completely different ball game.

We are the universe observing itself but I think we keep missing the obvious…

DSC_1221Thank you Photoshop  for your assistance and to the architects of Solstice Park… WTFF?The hotel didn’t help either!

And, a little side note, The Human Universe by Prof Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen. A great listen.

For Lucy!


That’s Life…

Wow, what a rush! I’ve just completed my first day exhibiting at the Beaumont Gallery in Mere, Wiltshire featuring yours truly… (Who had his first life modelling session yesterday and loved it!)DSC_1000.jpg

Rodney Waymen who’s twists and observations on local scenes is something to be seen and some absolutely stunning sculptures by Sarah Coward 


Even though the weather was horrible we had a fair number of people through the door and I’ve also sold 2 images. It’s so great, as always, to get real, natural engagement to my work.




DSC_0364-Pano-EditWould you put an exhibition dedicated to the First World War in a crisp, clean gallery?  All white walls and straight lines… Na, better to put it at the top of a hill, surrounded by mud and open to whatever the elements throw at it. You want to see it? Then you’ll have to endure a tiny fraction of what they went through, just slipping and sliding without the threat of immediate and filthy death and, when you get there, it ain’t pretty.

DSC_0351-EditIf you’re able, take a walk around Stourhead, and have a ganders at Scraptors Sculpture Trail, they take some finding and they’re not in the pretty places…

Lest we forget Peeps…

Manual 365/32 Thank You! X

Well, it’s now February and I’m still here… Who’d of guessed? Most of my resolutions tend to last hours rather than months so I hope you don’t mind if I take a moment to congratulate myself and crack open a beer… (That resolution lasted minutes!)

I think it’s about time that I took a moment to heap some thanks;

Firstly, My beautiful wife Sandie who’s support, encouragement and, most importantly,  honesty has been an absolute rock for me. Bloody hell, if I wasn’t Nerdy enough before, now she’s got to, and does, listen to F stops, aperture, blah, blah, I need, Blah…. Thank you Lover you are a completely wonderful person!

Next, My kids, R&K, one for letting Dad get on the computer every now and the and for their genuine responses to my work. Most of my posts have their approval and if they “um” when they see a shot they’re most probably right.

Social Media in general, Most of my Twitter followers are doing the same as me or offering help (The altruistic attitude of most of the professional photographers I’ve come across to date is second to none) the (small) majority of peeps who followed my Facebook page actually stayed and have had to put up with me appearing on their timeline every day! *waves* (Special thanks to AGB Photography, cheers for your advice Andy) and the WordPress world in general! You’re a wonderful bunch of people!

And the shot tonight is… Symbolic



P.S. It wasn’t, I was fast running out of time after a long day in the yard and this was the first thing I saw on my way into Milton Keynes! And from that you can probably guess I’m in a hotel and this is being typed on the Kindle so there will be no links. (Go back through my previous posts.) And *gasps* No Adobe!  First pic is as shot with a bit of crop, second a little post with the Kindle.

And before I forget, if it’s your first time reading my blog, Thank You! X

Oh, and P.P.S. The World for just being there, thanks World!