Family Portrait….

A cautionary tale…

Cows in a field: OK, but be aware…

Cows with calves in a field: Still ok but be aware and take a wide birth, don’t get between them…

Cows, calves and dad in a field…DSC_3799-Pano.jpgGet the portrait!

From the next field over… ;O)



DSC_1604-Pano-EditHere’s an interesting thing to do if you’re bored in the countryside. Find a field and lay down. If there are any cows in that field in a very short time you’ll find out how to get all the cows in a field into one place…

Focal thingy excepts no responsibility for any licking, sniffing, slobbering, snotting, trampling or pooing upon that may happen if you’re silly enough to lay down in a field of cows…

Oh and check the grass too, I’m not paying any laundry bills!


Manual 365 Bonus… Um, Hello…

Here’s a totally random fact that you may choose to take on board:

If you’re ever in a field with cows and you would like to get them all in one place, just lie down and wait, it works every time!DSC_0101.jpgTaking no notice of your surroundings while taking photos of an old dead oak will work too, that I can vouch for!

My Escort!dsc_0077

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/116 Insane In The Membrane….

I got tonight’s shot on the hoof earlier and added some mood to the sky in Lightroom.

Normally I like to do a little bit of research before posing, be it into the location or subject and this evening’s been a bit of an eye opener… (Brane funk)

But there’s so much more to this simple picture…

Here’s the quandary in my uneducated opinion;

  • Farming in this country is still a huge industry, much as you’d like to think that the carrot and peas in your Sunday roast came from Farmer Giles’ small holding up the road it probably came from an industrial farm in Suffolk.
  • Oil seed rape is a viable crop, not as viable as it used to be but still viable.
  • Flowering crops like this offer a life line to the pollinators of our tiny island
  • Flowering crops like this offer a tasty meal to the pests that have reduced, or even in some cases, decimated the weald of this crop.
  • The pesticide (neonicotinoids) that could be used to control the pests would also kill the pollinators (it’s due to the blood/brain barrier in insects, their brains are affected so much more than mammals.)
  • Other pesticides used to work but the Flea Beatle has developed immunity, as most small organisms tend too, given a little bit of time and lazy corporations (See the Antibiotic argument)
  • The EU (I’m not getting into that debate) has banned the use of neonicotinoids on the basis that we need to keep bees about, I think everyone agrees with that.
  • The EU needs to invest more money into research and get everybody around the table to talk in a grown up (The answer’s in the grey area) kind of way. (I’m still not going to get into that debate)

The crux of the matter is, more research (money) needs to be invested on researching this  subject because this, together with many other issues, need to be resolved from the point of view of business, farming and also from the point of view that I want my kids to grow up less scared than I did!

Bit of a heavy one tonight and I’m sure there’s many arguments either for or against but the one thing I’m absolutely sure of is our ability to find a solution…

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/10,000 Sub Post

Just a quickie, I took my 10,000th photo with my trusty Nikon D3300 yesterday and feel that it deserves a bit of a show. I turned 180º from where I got yesterdays panorama and tilted the camera to accentuate the slope.DSC_0001.jpg
18mm @ f/8.0, 1/250th sec, ISO 100

Contrast, clarity and graduated filter added in post. A simple picture but to be honest; one of my favourites.

Normal service resumes later!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/59 Lamb Bacon

Honestly, Lamb Bacon is a thing and I’ll show you a little bit later. First with the photography bit, had a bit of a tour around North Dorset.

We started at Compton Abbas airfield near Shaftesbury for a drink and some shots of the planes, it wasn’t too busy and I would love a longer lens and the Tiger Moth to be flying, you never know, one of my Manual missions might be going up in the thing!

DSC_815055mm @ f/5.6, 1/3200sec, ISO 100

Then off to Sturminster Newton Mill Pond for some long exposures of the weir. Most of the shots were blown because of the light. I did also use a cheap polarising filter. Even in LR it was hard to drag any type of detail out of the moving water. The best I could do was this:

DSC_8216.jpg18mm @ f/22 (The highest aperture my stock lens will go on this length), 1 sec, ISO 100

The water flow over the weir was quite substantial and so was the spray. I’ll revisit in the summer when the flow might be a little less.

And eventually we got to New Lake, Gasper By the time we arrived the sun had set and the light was low enough to get in to the multiple seconds rather than the 1 or bits of one and this happened…

DSC_8257.jpg22mm @ f/22, 6 sec, ISO 100

I realise that both long exposure shots are cropped quite close in and I’m hoping this might change when I upgrade my lenses and improve my skill!

As for the Lamb Bacon…


This better be a thing!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and here’s to a short week!

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Peace Peeps!


Manual 365/3 Muddy Boots and Lynchets

Not long left before the working routine retakes over our lives! I did manage to snatch a few hours on the Downs behind where we live this afternoon. Fortunately the sun was shining even if it was soggy under foot, unfortunately my futile fumbling’s with settings didn’t bode for many acceptable pictures, finding the balance it seems, is key! I did however get the shot below which I do like.

Winter Sun On Stubble PuddleWinter Sun on Stuble Puddle

Focal Length: 48.0mm

Aperture: f/13.0

ISO: 200

Shutter Speed: 1/1250

White Balance: Cloudy

Flash: no

(Notes; No post production, cropped)


My only other decent shot on manual was this one:

Burst BaleBurst Bale.JPG

Focal Length: 55.0mm

Aperture: f/5.6

ISO: 200

Shutter Speed: 1/320

White Balance: Direct Sunlight

Flash: No

(Notes; No post production, no crop)

There is a great system of Strip Lynchets in the area I was walking and I feel the need to post some pictures of these, the light was good and these were mostly shot in Landscape Mode or Aperture Priority Mode.

Ashwell and Aucombe BottomDSC_1623

Mere Down LynchetsDSC_1594

Warminster Hollow With Views of St Michael’s and Castle HillDSC_1607

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