Well, that was a tad nippy…


It’s not often we get “interesting” weather in these parts but I can safely say that March, 2018 has been…. Interesting.

And apparently we’re in for a white Easter… That’s going to bugger it up for the bunnies!



When it’s not there it’s a bit of a bugger but that’s the great thing with having a quite extensive back catalogue, you can go back to the great moments and give them a bit of a tweak and it makes you yearn to get back out there…

DSC_7705.jpgI need to rediscover myself and a second from the new years day sunset in Tresaith is pushing me in the right direction… ;o)

Be Like Liquid

Strange times… I’m enjoying the fact that I’m not having to chase a shot for the day and actually enjoying seeing more and not constantly thinking I must get my camera. I know that means there’s going to be times when I miss a shot but sometimes you need to see things rather than look at things through the viewfinder.

I also have the chance to meander back through the 50,000 or so shots I got last year and maybe tweak one or two, strange though, that many shots and I can remember every single day, where it was and how I was feeling, for someone who had a job to remember last week that’s quite a mind funk!

Where Nant Howni Meets The Seadsc_6426Just a simple picture but a complex switch, like old music, or a long forgotten smell that clicks in an instant.

They promise -6 tonight and there’s a great spot on my way in to work in the morning, best leave early then! ;o)

Manual 365 Righting The Wrong!

I got it wrong, a couple of days ago I posted a beachscape where that the click, slide and convert to black and white auto reflex took over. I knew deep down that the picture, while good, could have been better and sure enough with a relook and a little bit of back stepping with more time and effort … This happenedblend-2-2Soooo much more depth.

So, bonus tip for today, have confidence in your work but always be prepared to admit to yourself when you’re wrong and don’t be afraid to change things!

Have a great day!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/347 Dark Flight

dsc_5261Even if you think there isn’t a shot, there probably is.

My day involved a 440 mile round trip on one of the dullest, shortest days of the year and things were getting desperate but there’s always Caen Flight in Devises and I was scooting around the usual A350 snarl up. It didn’t look promising…dsc_5262…but low cloud and reflected streetlights came to the rescue. (I am not endorsing light pollution, honestly I would have much preferred moonlight) Ok, I had to jack the ISO right up to 3200 and the shutter was open for 13 seconds so if you pixel peep the noise is horrendous and there’s no detail in the shadows. But I like

I even managed to get a HDR composite using three shots at ISO200, 800 and 3200dsc_5258_hdrSo, tip for tonight… Embrace the darkness and don’t fall in the canal…

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/312 Headlong…

DSC_1151-Edit-2.JPGRemember last week, you know, when it was still light at 10pm? Well, that’s gone!

For those about to see snow, we envy you! And for you in the US who see through the metaphor, just vote, I’ll respect the outcome but you will be held to account…

And for those of you in Canada, it’s scary, you’ll get through it, you always do, but can we borrow your snow chains?….

Be safe Peeps! x