faces of Boa #6


A smile, a chat and a shed load of trinkets. 

My aim tomorrow is to walk into the nearest town and really get to see a bit of Boa Vista life. It’s our last full day here and while I’ve done the holiday maker thing I feel that I should take myself out of the comfort zone and take a chance, trust my fellow beings! 

And, Fatima, if you ever see this post. Your shop looks amazing just before sunset. X


I Keep Telling The Cats

dsc_7204-animationHappiness is a ball, a wave and a complete disregard of wetness…

They still hate me… Grumpy funkers!

And just a little tip, If you take shots in burst mode and upload them to Google Photos it will automatically create a Gif file. Maybe I’ll just get some photos of the cats next time… Not moving… Looking grumpy…

And If You’re Not Going To Wear Wellies…

Be defiant!DSC_7336.JPGYou’ll get wet feet but hey, time and tide…

Peace Peeps! xxx


Manual 365/364 On A Mission…

DSC_7309.JPGThis time of year you need to make sure you’re correctly suited and booted for whatever the world can throw at you… And my advice? Wear Wellies!DSC_7313-Pano.JPGAnd that’s another one ticked off the list for the year, a beautiful lady under a waterfall!

Peace Peeps!


What The Sea Could See If The Sea Could See…

Up the beach at midnight… DSC_7101-Pano.JPGBecause I’ve got so many better things I could be doing…

Night peeps! x


There Are…

Those who nearly do…DSC_6380.JPGThose who don’t…DSC_6385.JPGAnd then those who really do not give a shit…DSC_6386.JPGThe moment belongs to them!

Wet dog smell Peeps! x


Manual 365/355.2 Still Optimistic

This morning was amazing, the beach was perfect and the sea was alive. No one apart from the dog and his owner and a brilliant sunrise I’m going to have to spend a couple of hours later getting all of the shots sorted and into a google album. I’ll post the link here tomorrow but in the mean time here’s one I couldn’t not post. Everything was going great so I pushed my luck, dropped my camera to ground level and shot the incoming foam…dsc_5761Living close to the edge… (wet, sandy camera! 😉

Now, Off to Mwnt!

Peace Peeps! xxx


Manual 365/355.1 The Great Optimist…

This place makes things…dsc_5721It makes happy dogs. I know most dogs are happy whatever the weather but there’s something that just pops when these guys get too the beach…

It kinda works on photographers too!


Needed an early (dark) start to get the mile and a half to Tresaith but it was most definitely worth it!

Peace Peeps!



Manual 365/353 Salty…

A moment of solidarity, co-ordination between father and son and 15 seconds of magic that will remain with us forever…dsc_5519

“It looks like you’re both peeing…” was the critique from Kayleigh…

We weren’t but the damage is done, this will forever be known as the peeing photo. In the mean time, this won’t be there tomorrow.


“Every little bit helps!” said the old lady pissing into the sea!

Peace Peeps!


Manual 365/247.5 Sheps JOGLE Update… He’s Made Of Iron!!!

A couple of weeks ago I blogged that a work colleague and friend was completing a John O Groats to Lands End cycle ride for Diabetes UK. He started a week ago and is currently 700 miles in and I’ve neglected to mention it earlier… Bad Blogger!

So, tonights extra blog is dedicated to Graham Sheppard, only two days to go Fella and I know you like the sunsets / sunrises so here’s another from this morning.


The original blog is here

You can follow his progress on his Facebook page and if you fancy digging deep, his Just Giving page is here. (He’s doing amazing there too!)

So, Shep, if you’re reading this, you’ve broken its back, only a couple of nice easy days (I’m kidding) to go!

Peace Peeps! x