It’s the simple things…


Like hovering 50ft above the water to get a shot of a lonesome little fishing boat… All you need is a 5,000 tonne ferry and some fine weather.


Port Out, Starboard Home!

Sometimes I hit the convert to black an white button way to quickly…DSC_9261-EditYou can see how I nearly passed over this great shot from Weymouth in February on my Instagram account

I’ll admit, in the original shot the orange hue from the streetlights dominated and that instantly screamed black and white to me but after reviewing it today and involving individual colour desaturation in my workflow this edit works so much better. I also like the motion blur in the people (0.8sec shutter speed) and the grain from ISO 800 on my cropped sensor D3300! All good! ;o)

Manual 365/122 Watch Out The World’s Behind You…

Well, I did it. Up at 3:15 on a bank holiday Sunday and on the cliffs of Lulworth Cove by 5:45 for the sunrise.

And it just called out for HDR! So, who was I to resist.

Looking East DSC_3796_HDR.jpgI’ve tried to keep the drama to a minimum in the HDR shots but I love the way it’s accentuated the Wave Diffraction which is the reason the cove is the shape it is.

Looking West DSC_3791_HDR.jpgAcross St Oswalds Bay to Portland.

I do still take single shots though. DSC_3789.jpgAnd then a wander around the cove

Calm WatersDSC_3915.jpg

Not FlotsamDSC_3919-Edit.jpg

So, that’s two weekends on the trot that I’ve been up at silly o’clock because of photography and you know what?… I love it! ;o)

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Enjoy the rest of the (longer for some) weekend.

Peace Peeps! x


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Manual 365/100 It’s Just A Number, A Simple Sequential Symbol

… To denote that this blog follows the last blog…

But, I am human, and we do like our milestones!

So, to celebrate the fact I made it to 100 this blog is going to be Photo heavy and now that we’re home I’ve used all the tools at my disposal to bring out what I think is the best in some of my shots taken over the last week. Lightroom, The Nik Collection, Photoshop but mostly Cornwall… I thank you!

Port Quin

DSC_1222(18mm @f/6.3, 1/400 sec, ISO 100)

DSC_1550-EditSame cottage, different aspect and long exposure, edited in Silver Efex Pro2  (18mm @ f/22, 20 sec, ISO 100)

DSC_1552I’ve used this shot a few days ago but I’ve had a play with it in Lightroom (18mm @ f/22, 20 sec, ISO 100)

DSC_1508_HDRThis was shot from a little further west of Port Quin and is a HDR edited in HDR Efex Pro2, its a combination of 8 shots, all shot from the tripod at 2 stop differences with each shot and then blended together to increase the dynamic range.

Hayle Bay

DSC_136355mm @ f/8.0. 1/640 sec, ISO 100

DSC_1322300mm @ f/8.0, 1/500 sec, ISO 100

Reece300mm @ f/8.0, 1/500th sec, ISO 100

This one didn’t turn out as well as I hoped for, Reece is actually stood there and it’s a blend of two shots in Photoshop, one of him in focus and then a second with him out of focus and the background sharp. Unfortunately, I shot it hand held and moved slightly, hence the blurring around his left side and across the bottom. I’m sure there’s another way of getting the effect but I need to work that out.


DSC_1942-Edit-Edit55mm @ f/8.0, 1/500th sec, ISO 100 Silver Efex Pro2

and last but most definitely not least, Bossiney Bay

DSC_1711A panorama of 3 shots taken from the path up from the bay. all 50mm @f/8.0, 1/400th sec, ISO 400 (Not sure why I had my ISO high) edited using Photoshop and Lightroom.

DSC_2199_HDRThis HDR shot is a combination of two 30 second exposures blended using HDR Efex pro2 (Gawd bless Nik and all who sail in ‘er!) I bracketed using the ISO rather than the shutter speed. The first shot was at ISO 100 and was dark the second was at ISO 800 (It was near pitch black the only light source is from behind and left)  Other settings were 18mm @f/3.5. And just for the record, when I was a kid I was sure this cave contained something sinister so this shot documents the fact that I was being a silly little boy!

And a special mention to a decrepit old water pump in the middle of nowhere. I’ve utilised some of the HDR tools and filters in the aforementioned software for this combination of 6 shots. I know that some don’t like it but hey, my blog, my pictures so phooey!


Thank you all for your support over the last 100 days and a special thanks to my family who’ve had to put up with Dads obsession* and hogging of the PC! Not even a third of the way through it yet guys!

*Mid life crisis

Here’s to the next 265 days!

Still Twittering

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and Flickring

Peace Peeps! x