Time for a new project methinks.

Spring in the UK has well and truly sprung and we’ve all been treated to a beautiful May but (there’s always a but) bright sunny days, while great for the mood, can be a bit… A bit, well “meh!” for the photographer. I know there’s misty mornings and soft sunrises but they’re now approaching silly o’clock and I don’t do that time often… (I am better than I used to be though) But I digress…

Now that the trees are in full leaf and the hedgerows and woods have moved passed the Bluebell phase I’ve notices there are beautiful little pockets of light and occasionally a subject. It could be for a fraction of a second or maybe a minute or two but very quickly the wind will change or the sun will move and then it’s gone.


My job, as I’ve chosen to accept it, over the next few weeks will be to try and capture as many of the moments as I can. It might be a flower. It might be a field mouse (That’s a lot of wishful thinking) but I’ll do my best to get the shot, and foremost, get the shot right…


Todays shots, Forget-Me-Nots (they might not be but they’re small and they’re blue so they are…) in a small copse on the side of the A36 south of Salisbury.

Note to self: if you’re going to shoot flowers at least know they’re names… Heartless B*stard!


35×35 It won’t hurt… Much

DSC_10000 (77)I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had in the back garden with a few balloons, some tepid water and a willing participant. That stories over on my other platforms. (just search focalthingy and you’ll find me)

Here, I wanted to deal with a few technical details. I love off camera flash (OCF) the effects you can get are subtle, effective and they just add to an image,

Take the shot above, If I’d had the flash mounted on the camera rather than behind, below and to the right of the subject there wouldn’t have been the shadow on the end of the pin, the hand would have been washed out and the flash reflection on the balloon would’ve been on the front bouncing straight back into the camera.¬†there are still a couple areas of improvement, namely the highlights on each side of the balloon but I can live with that. But I just can help going back to the pin… Really happy with this image! ;o)

And a massive shout out to my son Reece for all his help…DSC_10000 (93)Good job Son, good job! xxx

Manual 365/355.2 Still Optimistic

This morning was amazing, the beach was perfect and the sea was alive. No one apart from the dog and his owner and a brilliant sunrise I’m going to have to spend a couple of hours later getting all of the shots sorted and into a google album. I’ll post the link here tomorrow but in the mean time here’s one I couldn’t not post. Everything was going great so I pushed my luck, dropped my camera to ground level and shot the incoming foam…dsc_5761Living close to the edge… (wet, sandy camera! ūüėČ

Now, Off to Mwnt!

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/ More: Dear Mr Photographer…

…It’s just a photo of you, taking a photo of me, taking a photo of you…

But I have two things to tell you:

One, My view was better and two…dsc_2267-editTell that grumpy bugger to your right to lighten up!¬†dsc_2267-edit-2

Oh, and three, my view’s definitely better than yours! DSC_2312-Pano.JPG¬†And you now know that I’ve got to trawl Instagram to try and find the picture he took!…. (If you find it let me know, it’ll be of a long haired hippy hanging about in a posh churchyard… Looking smug! ;o))

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/247 Good Morning!

To those of you in the UK, if you were awake around quarter past 6 this morning and heard a high pitched squealing emanating from the West, I apologise, that was me not containing my excitement as the sun rose…DSC_4225I couldn’t sleep¬†so I¬†decided to squeeze as much time as I could out of this wonderful place¬†and went down to the beach to get yet more long exposures. I wasn’t expecting this…DSC_4228Oh, and if you heard another noise about 10 minutes after the first, that was me getting my foot wet trying to get back to shore, the tide can catch you out if you’re not careful. So, two lessons learnt this morning.

    1. Stay aware of your surroundings
    2. Get up early and get out there.

Techy bit on the photos:

The first, 18mm@ f/22, 2 sec ISO100. I have used the brush tool in lightroom to bring down the exposure on the sky slightly and the second, same as the first apart from shutter speed was upped to 1 sec,  basically as shot with a tiny bit of tweaking.

Have a great day.

Peace Peeps! x