52 Faces… Charlotte


Landscapes are easy, they just present themselves and I wait for the light or lack of… So technically the sun, moon, clouds are in charge and I just stand there like a numpty with a camera…

People on the other hand, the photographer might think they’re in control, they’re not. It’s all about the model. I’m just a numpty with the camera… Thank you again Charlotte (I think I’ve said that way too much over the last week) Points noted and lessons learnt!



Beautiful View….

So, it’s been a while since I posted and I’ve got the audacity to use the hash tag #photographyblogger on my Instagram posts so I thought I’d better pop back to where it all started… At the moment I’m on holiday with my family in Boa Vista and it’s amazing. A little on the overcast (high cloud, not that great lumpy stuff we get back in the UK) side but there have been some great opportunitys for landscape photography but I’ve decided to set myself a little challenge. So often on holidays like this I tend to rely on my preconceived opinions rather that actually seeing what’s there so, for the rest of this holiday I’m going to park my opinion firmly in the back seat and let the world decide what it wants to be and try to capture the best bits with my camera. So, People of Boa Vista #1 is John (I think that might be a non de plume) 

A souvenir seller on the beach in front of the hotel. He lives in Sal Rei and walks along the beach every day to sell his wares. 

I was at his pitch a few days ago when there wasn’t a soul about apart from the local stray dogs (who are very friendly and fit as butchers) 

See, I still had to crow bar the landscape shot in! 

So, for the next week and a bit I’m going to try and find out more about the people who make this wonderful place tick. Wish me luck! 

Take A Deep Breath and… Blow!


So, here I am, just heading into year three of my photography journey and it’s been rewarding, frustrating, beautiful and humbling. I’ve exhibited once and have a second in the pipe line. I’ve raised over £1400.00 for charity and have my work hanging on over 200 walls across the world in 2018….

And relax, right, that the trumpet blowing done. I really don’t know how to put into words how proud of myself I feel but believe me, this journey is only just getting started.

If you’re just starting out on your own journey then the little snippets of advice I would offer is look harder, ignore the criticism (arseholes), listen to the critique (beautiful, generous people on the same journey, just a few stations further along), learn and don’t beat yourself up too much. I’m only catching everyday moments, the trick is to see past the everyday bit.

P.S. The sun sets tomorrow too.


Lazyboy, Not Good Enough…

I’ve taken a look back over tonights post and there was something that just didn’t run true. I like the context but there is something just wrong with the picture and now, after some pixel peeking I’ve worked out what. The shot is a comp panorama of two shots but both shots were shot using the tripod but they weren’t one after the other, there were two shots between and I’d adjusted the ISO from 200 to 800.

I was using my 35mm prime at f/5.0 on both shots, 1 sec for the building, tack sharp and shot using the 10 sec timer so the tripod was rock steady but the second was a stop quicker, 0.5 sec finger triggered and you can see from below the two weren’t even close…DSC_0765-Pano-2The really sad thing is I only took the second shot to get the amazing blue sky, the detail in the building was in the first shot…DSC_0765.jpgI know there’s lens flare but I can live with that, truth of the matter is I’ve started to rely on the tech to take care of my shot instead of thinking on the ground when I’m actually getting the shot. I think I need to pull it back and take ownership again!

Nudging the comfort level…

dsc_9297-2I don’t know if this works but I kind of like it, it’s been the warmest day of the year so far but the pine trees had insulated the ground and the temperature noticeably dropped as you walked into the darkness.

On a technical note, I’m pushing the D3300. I’ve shot handheld and because of the dark areas, I’m at ISO800, f/4.0 and 1/40th sec.  I think maybe a tripod, ISO 100 @ f/8 and 1/4 sec would work better.