The Wylye Jungle

dsc_7502-editJust up the way from Teapot Street… Honestly!


Manual 365/189 Natures’ Well ‘Ard!

Be it Bumble Bees muscling in on the bounty in the most thistleley thistle I’ve ever seen…


Or The Swans Of Swindon insisting that water’s for “Them soft arsed geese over there and don’t even get us started on them bloody ducks, what’s wrong with good solid tarmac? They don’t even know they’re hatched! And if that Queenie bird ever shows her face round ‘ere we’ll stick one on ‘er, Gawd bless ‘er but she ain’t eating me!” (Really said, though I might have got the accent slightly wrong…)


Peace Peeps


((Rhymes with Jam))

(((Fack orf you Cant!!!)))


;o) x

Manual 365/10 Steeples, Gargoyles and A Shed Load Of Frustration!

It’s official, I hate Manual setting, I hate it with a passion.300+ pictures taken today and most are blown, fizzy, dark, bright, out of focus or just generally shite! And I think I know, no, I know the problem… Me, fluffing and farting and f*cking with the settings, rather than looking, thinking and taking some time to set up before going for the shot.

Today I’ve been across Downland, squelched across flooded water meadows and tramped through Cathedrals, that said, I did enjoy the trip out so I shouldn’t  complain too much and it is a learning experiment!

I am going to break one rule though, The first picture was taken in Aperture Priority mode rather than manual but I like the shot and it’s my blog so phaph!

Salisbury CathedralThe Spire

This building is magnificent, it’s been years since I’ve been this close and even with my Secular views I can recognise the significance of it. The size and scale of the engineering and work that must have gone into building a behemoth this size in the 13th century is almost unimaginable!

The west front contains no less than 73 statues of the great and the good and countless Gargoyles of all descriptions. I really did miss having a longer lens today. (These next three pictures were taken in Manual mode so back on track!)

From The East GateDSC_2542.JPG

The Great And The Good…The West Side.JPG

And the Poor UnfortunatesThe Gargoyle.JPG

It’s free to wander about inside unless you want to give a small donation (I gave 2 quid) but it’s very dark inside so I think a tripod and some real hard thinking will be required next time.

Location here

I am going to include a few shots of the other locations even though I’m not too happy with them.

Quilted Field (Manual Mode)


Cropped, Cropped and cropped again and over exposed too!

Location: Willoughby Hedge


Flooded Water Meadow (Manual)



Flooded Water Meadow (Auto)

Water Meadow.JPG

Broken (Aperture Priority Mode)


Location: River Nadder, Barford St Martin

Thanks for looking and the usual apply; RAW files are available. Comments and critique wanted.

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