How useless am I…

I have neglected you… The countdown fizzled out on here but kept going in the real world and I am now 4 days into my first little exhibition and it’s been amazing. My images have been so well received and all feedback has been extremely positive. I think this could possibly one of the best things I’ve ever done…

And it’s now *Little Green Man season in Wiltshire too… Good days!


I think I’m going to do a bigger post closer to the end of the week with details and pics and I might have a spin around and get some shots of the other participants… There’s 330 of us. If you fancy a ganders at what we’re up to have a look at the Wylye Valley Art Trail website.

And if you’re local, pop along. It would be great to see you. If you’re not local, still pop along, it’s well worth the visit and this part of the world is looking gorgeous at the moment.

*Artists with planks and grumpy farmers Season


Manual 365/343 Mute Threat

dsc_3359-editHe wasn’t that happy but he managed to maintain his composure and this photographer didn’t push his luck too much!

I’ve really tried to get texture into my shots today and I think I’ve managed it. with the grumpy swan and with the Wylye Troll…dsc_3388-editAperture wide open at full tilt (105mm) and it was the middle of the day (lunch break) so the light wasn’t brilliant so ISO400. I am starting to notice the noise in some of my edits, you can reduce it in Lightroom but it’s always there. And if the troll is making your head hurt it’s a fallen tree half submerged in the deep and calm River Wylye and then rotated 90 degrees…

Messing with your mind Peeps! ;o) xxx

Manual 365/251 Almost timeless…

DSC_4336-Edit.jpgIn the western corner of Wiltshire, there is a small village called Kilmington. It’s a big place in my world because that’s where my father was raised and where his mother and grandmother lived when I was a small boy. One thing I remember is the little brook that used to flow alongside the road and me, together with my sister and cousins used to play in that brook, it was always cold, clear and fast flowing and it used to disappear back underground. I now know that it’s actually the source of the River Wylye, the first river I fished for Trout on (and got a bollocking for using bread and not fly) and the inspiration for the Wylye Valley Art Trail of which I’ve been offered the chance to exhibit some of my photos at and last night I managed to arrange a venue… So, in celebration of that fact, tonight’s shot is the River Wylye as it meanders (And it does meander, it’s a proper West Country river) through Kingston Deverill.

Peace Peeps!x

Manual 365/218 That A303 Friday Feeling…

It’s that time of year. The kids are off and the weather is bordering on not raining so hard working and long saving families from the bottom right of the country load up their cars, hitch up their caravans or strap the surfboard to the VW and head off to the bottom left of the country with visions of sea, sand and soggy! I know the trip, I have traveled it many many times. It goes:

M25 Hell,

M3 Bloody hell it’s busy but we’re moving… Just,

A303 Still moving but slower, “Hey Kids, only 3 miles to Stonehenge…”

2 hours later and 1/2 a mile further on… “I don’t care about the stones anymore, is there another way round? Turn right on the last roundabout? Too late, that’s half a mile behind us… And who the hell sells cherries on the side of the road?”

Stonehenge, *Spitting cherry stones out the window “Oooo look, quick, get the camera out and get a picture, I’ll slow down so that you…”

I think you get the idea.

Now, me being a yokel and knowing my way round chooses not to look at the stones but rather to look at this…DSC_7913.jpgThe River Wylye , as it meanders past Sutton Veny.

So, here’s my gift to you. Turn right at Countess, left at Durrington, right in Shrewton and left across the tank tracks, enjoy the view across the plain but don’t miss the turning for Codford (if you do the junction at Knock Camp can be a bugger on Fridays), right on the A36 and ignore the Warminster by-pass and head to Sutton Veny, stop and enjoy! After that, you’re on your own! ;o)


Have a great weekend!

Peace Peeps! xxx