Moos! There’s roast chicken indoors…




dsc_8684-editThis is Misty, Misty head bumps me without removing my face. I love Misty, she hates Drizzle because Drizzle is a shit house! But Drizzle doesn’t care….

I need to get out more, grow some and get some shots of a less captive subject!

Manual 365/190 Noisy Drizzle!

Now, I’m not one to cast aspersions but if their treats are causing the cat to look at me like this while he’s begging for Dreamies® I would hazard a guess there’s some high grade Cat Coke or cheese somewhere in their secret ingredients…


I wouldn’t mind but the little sod gets sharp in all five corners when he doesn’t get his way!

And noisy because I shot at ISO3200 so I didn’t have to use the flash, he might be a little sod but it’s not fair to flash blind him! ;o)

Peace Peeps! x