Boa Vista…

Ok, I have a confession to make…. I awoke this morning to the best sunrise of the holiday…

And then the beach, bar and sun kind of distracted me so I didn’t manage to get to Rabil but hey, as they say in these parts…

Home tomorrow… I’m going to miss this place….

Thanks Fatima, for the bracelet, it’s going to be my motto for 2018!


Take A Seat, There’s plenty of room

DSC_0120This place is less than five minutes from my bed, atop a bloody gert big hill I might add so my goal over the next few months is to get up there every morning and up my fitness level and lower my blood pressure… And the view always helps alleviate the puffing and panting!

Manual 365/355.1 The Great Optimist…

This place makes things…dsc_5721It makes happy dogs. I know most dogs are happy whatever the weather but there’s something that just pops when these guys get too the beach…

It kinda works on photographers too!


Needed an early (dark) start to get the mile and a half to Tresaith but it was most definitely worth it!

Peace Peeps!


Manual 365/352 *Waves* Croeso Nol!

dsc_4227Memories from the summer but we’re just around the corner from here, unpacking and getting ready to spend the next two weeks shooting, chillin’, drinking, eating and shooting some more and ok, I really don’t expect August Sunrises in December I’m sure there’s going to be something special!

Heddwch Peeps!

Manual 365/247.5 Sheps JOGLE Update… He’s Made Of Iron!!!

A couple of weeks ago I blogged that a work colleague and friend was completing a John O Groats to Lands End cycle ride for Diabetes UK. He started a week ago and is currently 700 miles in and I’ve neglected to mention it earlier… Bad Blogger!

So, tonights extra blog is dedicated to Graham Sheppard, only two days to go Fella and I know you like the sunsets / sunrises so here’s another from this morning.


The original blog is here

You can follow his progress on his Facebook page and if you fancy digging deep, his Just Giving page is here. (He’s doing amazing there too!)

So, Shep, if you’re reading this, you’ve broken its back, only a couple of nice easy days (I’m kidding) to go!

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/247 Good Morning!

To those of you in the UK, if you were awake around quarter past 6 this morning and heard a high pitched squealing emanating from the West, I apologise, that was me not containing my excitement as the sun rose…DSC_4225I couldn’t sleep so I decided to squeeze as much time as I could out of this wonderful place and went down to the beach to get yet more long exposures. I wasn’t expecting this…DSC_4228Oh, and if you heard another noise about 10 minutes after the first, that was me getting my foot wet trying to get back to shore, the tide can catch you out if you’re not careful. So, two lessons learnt this morning.

    1. Stay aware of your surroundings
    2. Get up early and get out there.

Techy bit on the photos:

The first, 18mm@ f/22, 2 sec ISO100. I have used the brush tool in lightroom to bring down the exposure on the sky slightly and the second, same as the first apart from shutter speed was upped to 1 sec,  basically as shot with a tiny bit of tweaking.

Have a great day.

Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/122 Watch Out The World’s Behind You…

Well, I did it. Up at 3:15 on a bank holiday Sunday and on the cliffs of Lulworth Cove by 5:45 for the sunrise.

And it just called out for HDR! So, who was I to resist.

Looking East DSC_3796_HDR.jpgI’ve tried to keep the drama to a minimum in the HDR shots but I love the way it’s accentuated the Wave Diffraction which is the reason the cove is the shape it is.

Looking West DSC_3791_HDR.jpgAcross St Oswalds Bay to Portland.

I do still take single shots though. DSC_3789.jpgAnd then a wander around the cove

Calm WatersDSC_3915.jpg

Not FlotsamDSC_3919-Edit.jpg

So, that’s two weekends on the trot that I’ve been up at silly o’clock because of photography and you know what?… I love it! ;o)

Have a look at my Twitter feed, it’s mostly these blogs but I do try and retweet anything that stands out to me (There’s lots) or anything I see that’s thought provoking or informative. Also check out my followers / following, there’s some really amazing Peeps there doing some great work.

Enjoy the rest of the (longer for some) weekend.

Peace Peeps! x


P.S. Click the link! Go on, you won’t regret it! x

Manual 365/114 It’s Not Charlies’ Tree, It’s Mine!

Setting the alarm for 4:30am on a Saturday morning is just wrong but also so right. I had checked the weather forecast last night and the rain from yesterday was due to clear about an hour before sunrise so that would mean a crisp clear morning and I wasn’t about to pass that up. So, at 05:15 off I trot to the bemusement of the few drivers who passed me walking along the Gillingham road.

My subject had already been chosen so I knew where I was going and, as luck would have it a footpath runs along side the field so access was not a problem.

Single trees in fields seems to be a thing in this part of the world and I love them as does the great Charlie Waite, I don’t know if he’s shot this particular tree (It’s not far from where he lives) and if he has I’m sure my humble offering pales into insignificance but I’m proud of it and I will be returning to hone my skills!

DSC_3133_HDR18mm @ f/20, ISO 100 and varying exposure times combined in HDR Efex

The tree is actually in the middle of a meadow so in a few weeks time when the wild flowers and leaves are out but before the first mowing this place will be spectacular!

And the sun rises are just going to get earlier and earlier but it was great, just me, my camera and 600 other peeps (Admittedly 20,000 feet above my head but hey, it was nice to share it with you guys!) DSC_3167.jpg300mm @ f/8.0, 1/250th sec, ISO 100 I’m secretly proud of this shot, I managed to get it bang on centre at full length with minimal lens shake! Who’s a clever boy!

And the walk back offered a few more too.


And we were hoping for frost but this is the best we could dew…. (Groans!)


So, a 3 mile walk before 7 and then back to bed…. Spot on!

Have a great weekend!

Peace peeps! x



Manual 365/47 Recovery Time? About Three Days!

Yesterday, as we were speeding down the M5 there was the most spectacular sunset. I very nearly pulled over to get some shots off but we were tired and just wanted to get home. I had my fingers crossed that this evening would be similar… It wasn’t, I’ll come to that later.

But this morning was.


Got this shot lent out of the bedroom window in me pants, Sometimes you’ve just got to go for the shot! Shot in RAW @ 25mm, f/25, 1/4000 sec, ISO 100. Cropped (To remove the shocked neighbours faces and a bit of street furniture) and edited in Lightroom. (Raw file available, email me; Flickr link here

I’ve taken a few days off after the holiday just to reacclimatise and was battling post holiday lethargy for most of the day but I had set myself the challenge of getting up Long Knoll this afternoon for an anticipated sunset. It’s the first time I’ve been up there in at least 25 years and I’m sure it wasn’t as steep back then! Once the lungs had recovered and I had got over the fact the light wasn’t brilliant I got off a few shots. This one being the best.

DSC_7040.jpgFlickr link

RAW @ 18mm, f/5.6 (Shallow DoF so the distance is out of focus but the light was low) 1/40sec, ISO 100. As before with the RAW file.

Alfreds’ Tower (Manual 365/17 The Folly)is the little bump on the left in the distance, the Black Down Hills can be seen (just) to the right of Alfreds’ Tower, as the hill the tower’s on drops down and Glastonbury Torr is just above and to the right of the O/S monolith if you really squint!

Some really great views and one for a revisit in the summer months and maybe, landowner permitting,  a sunset, night exposure and sunrise.

I did wonder if I would get to see any wildlife on my way but I think my get up today gave them all a bit of a heads up, that together with the puffing and panting!


From now on, if it’s Straight Out Of Camera (No editing) I’ll tag with SOOC and all shots are RAW unless otherwise mentioned.

Peace Peeps!