Bus Lane…


Just an observation, the bus lane leads into the city. On you’re way home from work you’ve just got to sit in traffic…



It’s a hard word and I have no excuses so I won’t bother trying.


Sorry I haven’t been about folks. I do have every intention of including my blog more in my everyday life which I’ll admit has been fairly busy recently (see, the excuses had to start) But, there have been some developments.

I am now one of the founding members of the Mere Photography Collective (aka Meretogs) A small local collection of photographers who will being meeting in the pub and sharing their knowledge, experience and tips over a couple of beers!

I am also honoured to be featured on The Ink Pot Online Gallery a great little charity that enables disadvantaged and upcoming artists to get their work out there. Feel free to fill your carts Peeps! ;o)

And also, still taking photos… And that’s the important bit! ;O0


Peace you beautiful people! xxx

Blue Hour Overtime

Sometimes working late brings unexpected bonuses…DSC_0765-PanoEven with the sunset the views from the office carpark looking west aren’t the most spectacular and, to be honest, normally the view east is quite humdrum too but a combination of reflected sky and trees in the upper floor windows, the symmetry in the old RAF building and the bluest blue hour we’ve had for a while kinda works in my mind… Apart from the white lines in the foreground… they’re a real OCD buster but I work in road resurfacing and if anyone’s going to bugger it up, it’ll be the liners!… Sorry Bob but you know it’s true!

Manual 365/194 Office Day…

I got into the office at 9:00, I left the office at 19:53, it’s a 1 hr 20 minute drive from and to home if the traffic is good. I’ll let you do the math to what time I left this morning and to what time I was going to get home. It was going to be a long day and I pondered my lack of shots and opportunities along with many many other things as I traveled down the M5. I did notice one thing though.

Off to my right the sky was heavy and grey but there was a strip of lighter sky across the horizon which steadfastly remained the closer I got to home. A couple of little niggles began to grow in my mind; will it be a screamer of a sunset? (heavy grey skies with a strip of fire) and will I be too late? Will I miss it?


I didn’t.

A long, long day but hey, you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth!

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/147 The Curse Of The Thinking Class…

I can’t really knock what I do, it feeds my children and puts a roof over their head. It allows me to indulge in my obsessions and occasionally it offers up some great shots.

This is Great Chalfield Manor, near Holt in Wiltshire. I nearly used it in a previous post but the sky was grey and featureless and it costs 9 quid to get into the place (I really am thinking about National Trust Membership, just for the access.) But today, with a conveniently timed  5 minute break and a better sky, it definitely made for a better shot.DSC_0296

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365/124 Gandalf’s Getting A Bit Horse…

The A412 Buckingham by-pass is quite a busy road but I heard his call and I did not pass.
DSC_0002-Edit-3.jpgI often pass wood carvers on my travels but today I had the opportunity to stop and take a closer look. It’s always intrigued me how someone can take a tool as savage as a chainsaw and turn out the amazing sculptures they do and now I know… Tiny little bars!

I kid, it must take some work and dedication to turn out the work that was on display. A darn sight harder than just rocking up with a camera and catching some photons!

Thanks to


And JasonDSC_0027-Edit

The creators of The Wood Peakers Fantashtic Creations thanks for being so welcoming and even striking a pose!


They do commissions, click on the link above to go to their facebook page and give them a like.

And guy’s, feedback would be great, you can email me at focalthingy@gmail.com good or bad, it’s fine! ;o)

Peace Peeps! x


Manual 365 /54 It’s About Time They Put The Roof On…

DSC_7647.jpgFL 46mm, ISO 100, f/8.0, 1/160 sec. Exposure upped and graduated red/orange filter from top to bottom and under exposure graduated filter from bottom to top added in LR.

Once again, foiled by added clutter! I’ve used Lightroom to take out all of the guide ropes but the ramp’s a bit too much! I’ve asked the Techies over at the Stunning Digital Photography Facebook page to have a look so I should get a solution fairly quickly.

A glorious if slightly cold day spent on an airfield in Surrey so I have a few work shots today followed by sneaking up to the stones from the A303, there was a security guard in amongst the stones but I only saw him when I was reviewing my shots, good lad for not being a jobsworth!

Shots from the airfield today, not sure of the swirling in the sky in the first pic but it was there pretty much all day.




If you haven’t, pop over for a look at my web thingy.

Peace Peeps!