11 days to go…. Simple…

DSC_2088-EditPrints are in situ and now all I need to do is arrange where the hell I’m going to hang them all… The nerves are kicking in slightly and I’ve got so much to do. Best I sit here have a beer and edit a photo from a couple of weeks ago in the Chalke Valley then… I am so my own worst enemy…

I WILL have them in place and everything’s going to be amazing! ;o)


Road Closed

This is what happens when you bring your work home with you…dsc_9455-edit

On a positive note, site completed on schedule.

Roads can be surprisingly peaceful when you remove the traffic and if you look closely Salisbury Cathedral’s spire can be seen in the distance.

Manual 365/350…

dsc_9643-edit-editToday has been a wall, I manage to get a total of zero shots and I’ve been sat staring at my keyboard for the last 2 hours with no photo and no clue what to write. Now it’s got to 20 to midnight and I’m buggered if I’m going to have a blank space this close to the end so I’ve revisited one of my favourite shots and added a bit of retro in Analog Effex . I do keep meaning to go back to this place and take a little more time and make a little bit more of an effort to get everything right. But, in the meantime, Solsbury Hill in Bath… Again! ;o)

Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/236 Oooo Metaphors…

DSC_0292.jpgPutting down roots is hard work, it takes energy and investment and often when those roots become established they shape the direction you will grow. Things will branch off in different directions, sometimes putting stress on the roots but they remain steady, growing below you pushing through the resistance to maintain the whole, stabilising the foundations whilst the canopy flourishes and feeds energy  to the roots… 

That said, I bet a 100 year timelapse of a tree growing below and above ground would be the coolest Alien movie ever!

There is a little side road off of the A30 just east of Yeovil Named Under Down Hill  with sheer sandstone cliffs either side of the road and established trees with roots laid bare. A strange conception, looking up a healthy tree from below the roots!


Peace Peeps! x

Manual 365/126 Start, Middle And End…

This morning at Furzton Lake, Milton Keynes

The WillowDSC_0004.jpg

This afternoon just outside Horsham

A Different Kind Of GreenDSC_0018.jpg

And early evening in the New Forest

She Blinked!DSC_0027.jpg

And now home with the camera tucked safely away!

Peace Peeps! x