Manual 365/66 Mom!

Mothering  Sunday, 2016… Once again the giant beast of commercialism raises it’s occasional head and grins, “Get the flowers, buy the cards, she’s your Mum and she deserves it. You’re a bad child if you don’t! Spend it here though, not over there, they don’t care about your mum as much as we do…”

Mums are the best, mine especially. I don’t know where I’d be without my Mum but I do know the last 44 years would have been pretty dark and boring.

So, what do we do in deepest darkest Wiltshire on Mothers Day? Ploughing Completions, that’s what. Because nothing says “Love You Mum!” like getting your beloved Massy out and turning over a small patch of field straighter than the guy on the International in the next plot along. Serious stuff I might add! There was a definite lack of Mums if I am to be entirely honest but I shouldn’t take the mick too much, as I was in the same field doing what I love! Each to their own, as they say! And I’m sure they all rushed home afterwards and cooked their lovely Mums dinner and plied her with cards,chocolates, Baileys and roasted pork belly. Just as this ever dutiful son did to his most wonderful of mums!




Challenging couple of days ahead, management course in Swindon tomorrow and Tuesday so I have the disadvantage of no LR so no post, probably no internet, all day sat in a room and to top it off, I’m in Swindon… Say no more!

Hope you’s all have a great week!

Peace Peeps!