Port Out, Starboard Home!

Sometimes I hit the convert to black an white button way to quickly…DSC_9261-EditYou can see how I nearly passed over this great shot from Weymouth in February on my Instagram account

I’ll admit, in the original shot the orange hue from the streetlights dominated and that instantly screamed black and white to me but after reviewing it today and involving individual colour desaturation in my workflow this edit works so much better. I also like the motion blur in the people (0.8sec shutter speed) and the grain from ISO 800 on my cropped sensor D3300! All good! ;o)


The Frome Canyon…

DSC_0991-PanoCheap Street, Frome in Somerset about 40 years ago a little five year old fell in the 8-inch wide gap and thought he was going to die… Yup, my first brush with mortality! During the week the shops place signs acoss the canyon so I knew the best time to get this shot was going to be early on a Sunday morning and |I was right…

Manual 365/311 The Significance Of One

dsc_1060-pano-edit-2We’ve been to Bristol today, an afternoon spent watching the new Manga Anime film A Silent Voice screened in the Watershed. A moving and emotional portrayal of bullying, isolation, ignorance and eventually understanding and friendship. Hosted by the BBC See Hear team it was a refreshing break from the norm. I’ll be honest though, apart from Upfest earlier this year I haven’t been to the centre of Bristol for a very, very long time and by heck has it changed from what I remember, the waterfront, full of market stalls, performing artists and cafes.DSC_1066-Edit.JPGDSC_1082.JPGDSC_1085.JPGBut the image that’s really stuck in my head though, the little tent, sheltered from the wind and rain by the Cathedral with a view, across the way, of the Bristol City Council Offices all lit up, snug and… Empty. Yes, infrastructure requires co-ordination and architecture is important but must it be so illuminated in these “austere” times? Or is the facade more important than the cold inhabitant of that small tent? I think not.DSC_1123.JPG

Sleep warm Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/215 The Busy Cobbler

It’s been grey and wet all day, almost like a dry (wet) run for the coming winter when I’m dreading the thought of trying to fill my blog with anything other than rain sodden scenes and dull grey skies.

I stopped in Bradford On Avon this evening on my way back from work, surely there’ll be something among the architecture and river that I can use but the light was flat and the normally golden Bath Stone looked drab, even in black and white. As I dodged my way back through the rush hour traffic (Horrific at the best of times in this town) and squeezed between the passing cars and the dark exhaust stained walls I noticed a little cobblers shop, door open and smells of leather fixer and pear drops overpowering the fumes from the cars. I stepped through the door,

“Would you mind if I took a photo?” I asked the guy, still busy at his work at nearly 6 in the evening.

“Of course not.” Came his cheery reply.

And Click!DSC_7736-EditA quick thank you and I was off back out into the dull grey with a solution to the grey days to come (step into the small) and a re-established feeling that, no matter what, if you look hard enough, the shot will always be there.

D K Cobblers, Bradford On Avon. Thank You!

Peace Peeps!


Manual 365/206 Plagiarism

DSC_7047-Edit.jpgArt imitating beauty or beauty intimidating art?

I have no idea… I’m just a photographer cataloging moments! ;o)


Whenever I shoot other peoples work I always feel like I’m cheating, all those hours and hours of effort and I catch it in a 320th of a second. I will always be in awe and always respect and always, always thank you!

Upfest, You were spectacular!  Thank you!x


Peace Peeps! xxx

Manual 365/108 Spaced Invaders and Roll Ups!

One discipline I am really itching to get into is street photography. I have tried it in the past to varying degrees of success the best in Portugal the worst in Aylesbury. (See previous blogs Parcel Tape and feathers and Eye of Sauron) So I’ve been scratching my head for a place to go close by that would tolerate some long haired Herbert wandering around with his camera and then it dawned on me; Glastonbury and I was right, I fitted right in!

Buskin’… Man!DSC_2884-Edit58mm @ f/5.6, 1/160th sec, ISO 100

Even though it’s only a short drive away I’ve only actually been to Glastonbury a couple of times so it was good to get a feel for the place.

Café HarpDSC_2869-Edit
105mm @ f/5.6, 1/250th sec, ISO 100

TeepeeDSC_2882-Edit125mm @f/5.6, 1/160th Sec, ISO100

The FamiliarDSC_288055mm @ f/5.6, 1/100th sec, ISO 100

And I think I will be returning, some when around the festival methinks!

All black and white shots were edited in Silver Efex Pro2 the Familiar was massively under exposed so has been bought up in Light room.

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Peace Peeps!

Manual 365/90 Context…


Snatched a bag? Running for a train? Or dancing in the street?

A moment captured can tell a million stories but there can only be one truth and that truth is fundamental.

He was dancing, having a whale of a time and I’m sure the smile that once would have played across his face is there, just blurred by age and effort but I’m with you Fella! I remember what it felt like but you, you lived it!


Thanks again Portugal for getting me out of a tight spot… (Todays limited shots were awful) these shots were taken at the Loulé Carnival back in February.

Peace Peeps! x



Manual 365/36 Mine!


First day into our excursion in Portugal and a walk around Albufeira with me clicking like a loon! 350+ shots taken and to be honest most of them were just rubbish! But, I’m here for the next 10 days so I’m going to think of today as a scouting mission.

That said, the Fella above let me get really close and he’s now the most photographed Seagull in Portugal and all of the pictures were overexposed but hey… Lightroom!

I’ve also been trying out my Street Photography and caught this guy,

DSC_4699.jpgNothing was going to distract him from his script and his choice of scarf was outstanding!

And my mission over the next few days is to work out how to get long exposures when it’s very bright. I have filters and I have youtube so I’m sure I’ll be able to sort something out!

So far Portugal is frickin amazing!

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